Review: The Daisy Theatre returns with Little Dickens for another hilarious night of improv

The Daisy Theatre’s company of puppets has become a staple at the Cultch. Audiences love Ronnie Burkett’s special brand of humour and his incredible ability to turn Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol into a fantastic, adult-humour-filled night out.

Faded Daisy diva, Esmé Massengill, plays the role of miserly, drunken, bitter Esmé Scrooge, encountering all your Daisy favourites (as Dickens’ familiar characters!) on her journey to redemption.

Burkett’s cast of characters in the Daisy Theatre are raucous, raunchy, and unbelievably lovable. Get ready for another show with audience participation, including men stripping down, women dressing as the Grim Reaper, and much more.

The show runs through December 22 at The Cultch. Get your tickets here.