Electric Company Theatre Merges Film and Stage with Hard-Hitting World Premiere, The Full Light of Day

Electric Company Theatre, in association with Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and BMO, presents the world premiere of Siminovitch prizewinning playwright Daniel Brooks’ provocative new work, The Full Light of Day, from January 7–12, 2019 at the Vancouver Playhouse. Directed by Kim Collier, this suspenseful and compelling hybrid of theatre and film is a modern allegory in which a terminally ill woman confronts the choices that brought her family privilege; and then, with great courage, takes a risk to secure their ultimate redemption. Utilizing 14 live-streaming cameras, state-of-the-art projections and film, The Full Light of Day immerses audiences in rich cinematic cityscapes, intimate inner lives, and invites them to reimagine the limitations of live theatre.

Other than the weather, real estate may well be our country’s most frequently discussed topic. In this work, we dive deeper – and consider the consequences of a society grown obsessed with property and possession. Consequently, it raises questions about the very nature of land ownership. How can we own land? Land owns us. It is us. Paradoxically, by using live-streaming cameras and an enormous array of projection technologies, audiences will be able to feel an innately rich and intimate connection to our characters’ inner lives and truly experience that pang of self-recognition in the stories reflected onstage.

Director Kim Collier, who, like playwright Brooks, is also a winner of theatre’s highest honour, the Siminovitch Prize.

Part theatre, part film, The Full Light of Day highlights the tough moral choices facing Canadians today and forces audiences to confront their own complicity in the systematic corruption and ethical conundrums that underline modern society. With the pacing of a thriller, the work brings the audience into the swirling world of high finance and corporate intrigue set in Canada’s urban centres.

Complementing the stage work, company Co-Founder Kevin Kerr has created a collection of short films shot in 360° Virtual Reality. The works can be viewed separately from the theatre production or experienced at special installations located throughout the Vancouver Playhouse lobby. Enhancing the stage production, these films are told from the perspectives of the individual principal characters, placing the viewer inside their actions and perceptions. These separate films will also be available to the public for free viewing in the Playhouse lobby during the afternoons prior to performances of The Full Light of Day.

The Full Light of Day marks the return of large-scale theatre to Vancouver Playhouse. Since the closure of the venue’s titular company in 2012, after 50 years of operation, the venue has not played regular host to dramatic works of this scope and size. Electric Company Theatre’s intention is to address this in future years by reanimating the space with annual productions.

We look forward to welcoming Vancouver’s theatre audiences back to the Playhouse, and deepening Electric Company and the Vancouver theatre community’s connection to our civic theatre in the years to come.

Artistic Producer Clayton Baraniuk

The show runs January 7–12. Get your tickets here.

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