The Bachelor Drinking Game – 2019 Colton Edition

Let’s have some fun with the new Bachelor season by having a couple of drinks (or getting completely sloshed). Pick up your favourite rosé and let’s get down to it.

Fair warning: you might end up drinking quite a bit, so just be cautious. Go have your shenanigans, but don’t blame us for the photo proof.

Take One Sip…

  • People seriously mispronounce words
  • Someone is shown eating
  • Chris Harrison says “dramatic” or “shocking”
  • Someone wears a costume
  • A contestant “steals” Colton away
  • Colton’s virginity is mentioned
  • Contestants end up on boats, helicopters, or planes

Take Two Sips…

  • Becca Kufrin’s season is mentioned
  • Tia drama is mentioned
  • Hot tub/pool makeout session
  • Two contestants fighting
  • “I think I’m falling for you”
  • Skinny dipping in the ocean
  • A contestant is scared of the date activity

Finish your Drink…

  • An ambulance is needed to take someone away
  • Someone gets a black box of modesty
  • The L bomb gets dropped
  • One on one conversation with Chris Harrison

The new season of The Bachelor begins tonight! If you want to increase the fun by playing out Fantasy League, check out our pool rules here, some early details on each of the women here, and catch our recap and points tally tomorrow!

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