Bachelor League 2016

Choosing Girls:
Each person in your pool gets to choose five contestants for their ‘team’. They must be chosen before the first Monday episode begins on January 4. Three girls can be switched out for other girls before the start of the third episode if they have been sent home. Points only start for new girls in the following episode.

Rose Points:
150p: First impression rose (or all roses before rose ceremony during first episode)
100p: Normal rose
125p: Group rose
125p: 2-1 rose

First Points: (one girl can get this for the season)
15p: Bringing up a previous season
15p: Bringing up Nick Viall
25p: Hot tub
25p: Kiss on the lips
25p: First ride in a flying contraption (plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, etc)
50p: First to tell Ben they love him (to him)

Anytime Points (once per girl per episode)
15p: Making out with Ben
15p: Serenading Ben (rapping, singing, instruments, etc)
15p: Ride in a flying contraption (plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, etc)
15p: Crying on camera
25p: Saying “I’m not here to make friends” (or variation)
25p: Telling Ben someone “isn’t here for the right reasons” (or variation)
25p: Saying they’re “stealing Ben away” from someone else
50p: Making Ben cry

Women Tell All:
15p: Booed during introduction
15p: Standing up for other girls
25p: Crying

Final Points
50p: Making it to Hometowns
25p: Having a disapproving family member
-75p: Rejecting fantasy suite
75p: Accepting fantasy suite
100p: Making it to Final Two
100p: Getting final rose
100p: Rejecting final rose
150p: Getting proposal
100p: Ben chooses no one

Draft Point Bonus
25p: 2+ girls in top 7 (+15 every girl over 2)
50p: 2+ girls in top 6 (+20 every girl over 2)
75p: 2+ girls in top 5 (+25 every girl over 2)
100p: 2+ girls in top 4 (+30 every girl over 2)
150p: 2+ girls in top 3 (+50 for all three)
200p: both girls in top 2


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