Open Today: MOA’s new interactive exhibition The Fabric of Our Land: Salish Weaving


The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC with the Musqueam Indian Band present the inspiring and interactive new exhibition The Fabric of Our Land: Salish Weaving, on display from November 19, 2017 to April 15, 2018. Curated by MOA Curator Susan Rowley, in collaboration with Salish weavers, the exhibition will feature the historically significant, but relatively unknown, loom-weaving tradition of Salish peoples, showcasing one of the world’s largest collections of intricately designed blankets on loan from contemporary weavers, as well as museums in Europe and the eastern United States. Continue reading


The Goblin Market mixes poetry and circusry for a sensual performance

“We must not look at goblin men / We must not buy their fruits: / Who knows upon what soil they fed / Their hungry thirsty roots?”
The New Zealand circus troupe A Dust Palace brought their stunning cirque-theatre production to The Cultch after a long development period.

The Cultch announces exciting new 2017/18 season


“The most exciting thing for me about the 17/18 season is that it really does dig deep. It really looks in depth at some of the issues that we’ve been dealing with in previous seasons and also at some of the art forms that we’ve been experimenting with…I just can’t wait for people to see it. I’m so excited. – Heather Redfern, Executive Director of The Cultch Continue reading

Antigona stuns as Greek tragedy and flamenco melds perfectly


Critically acclaimed Noche Flamenco has created Antigona, choreographed by and starring Soledad Barrio and directed by Martin Santangelo. Blending the musical poetry of Sophocles with dance to tell its powerful story of Antigone, a strong woman who sacrifices herself for family, Antigona is unlike anything I had ever seen before. Continue reading

Symphonie Fantastique pairs Berlioz’s innovative masterpiece with imaginative new work by local, award-winning composer Benton Roark


The Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra (VAMSO) will embark on a thrilling musical journey with Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, February 19, 2017, 2pm at the Orpheum Theatre. In an afternoon inspired by ingenuity, VAMSO’s more than 100 musicians led by Music Director Leslie Dala will delve into Berlioz’s wildly visionary world of fantasy, named “the most innovative symphony of the 19th century” (The Guardian). The concert will also premiere A Stitch in Time, Vancouver composer Benton Roark’s latest creation. Continue reading

Bard on the Beach’s THE TEMPEST Opens to a Standing Ovation


bard-on-the-beach-shakespeareA simple set filled marvellously by colourful costumes and expressive characters, The Tempest creates a magical experience as the second play for Bard on the Beach’s 25th anniversary season.

After a magical storm destroys a ship carrying the King of Naples and his court, everyone is separated assuming the others have perished. The King’s son Ferdinand discovers the island’s inhabitants Prospero and Miranda, immediately falling for her and becoming Prospero’s slave to keep her favour. The King and his followers search for Ferdinand but are subdued by enchantments while two of his party plot the King’s demise. All the while, two women of the King’s court get drunk off the ship’s wine and fall in with Prospero’s slave Caliban who wants power over the island.

ART_Tempest3_2116Everything seemed to come together perfectly for this opening night performance. A stormy afternoon that slowly cleared as the play progressed provided the backdrop audiences saw which mirrored the actions on stage. As in many of Shakespeare’s plays, there is one character at the helm manipulating the rest of the characters. For The Tempest, it is Prospero’s fairy Ariel. Shakespeare’s fairies are some of the most eccentric and interesting characters of all his plays, and Ariel is no different. Jennifer Lines beautifully came to life as the lively and aggressive yet sometimes timid Ariel. She had a spritely singing voice that emanated both her power and her feebleness, depending on the scene.

One of the highlights for me in the play were the two women (Luisa Jojic and Naomi Wright) and their interactions with Caliban (Todd Thomson). They’re synchronized dances and their comedic timing kept everyone laughing and engaged throughout the play.

Bard on the Beach is known for their minimal sets but it inspired imagination in the audience and allowed for the fanciful costumes and props to come to the fore. With quick lighting changes and the musicians on stage throughout the play, The Tempest seemed both intimate and tremendous.

For a very enjoyable evening, I would recommend an outing to see The Tempest. For tickets, go here.

The Bachelorette 10×04: Man-tears, Fear, and Misunderstandings


Last night, Andi spent her dates in Santa Barbara singing and aging. Tonight, Andi’s brought the men to New England for dates, drama, and misunderstanding.

Dylan and Andi have the first 1on1. It’s a nice time for him to relax and stop being nervous, but during their luxury train ride he barely looks at her and seems really awkward. Maybe he just needed a more formal time to open up, because at dinner he told her the emotional story of his siblings passing away. Definitely a moving first date, but I don’t think Andi developed any strong feelings during it, though she did give him the rose.

SWIN CASH, NNEKA OGWUMIKE, LINDSEY HARDING, ELENA DELLE DONNE, TAMIKA CATCHINGS, ANDI DORFMANJJ, Chris, Eric, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Patrick, Andrew, Nick, and Josh all made it onto the group date where they were to play basketball against some all-star women. When they went to play against the girls they were completely destroyed, which isn’t surprising as the girls are professional. The guys were split up into the Rosebuds and Five of Hearts to compete to join Andi for the evening. The first half was evenly matched but Brian the basketball coach kicked it into high gear for the second half and won by a landslide.

As the Rosebuds won, they got time with Andi. Eric sat her down for a heartfelt conversation about their awkwardness since the first date, ending in him telling her about his family and his decision to forsake religion. Brian took her back to the basketball court to teach her some things. He made an impressive half court shot and although Andi wanted him to kiss her he froze up and left her high and dry. He still got the rose, which was definitely a sign of her interest, but she’d have to wait until later for their first kiss.

Andi took Marcus on the second 1on1 date where they could conquer their fears together. Ah, finally we’ve hit the fear date! They repelled down a skyscraper, but only after Marcus acted the man and spent a lot of time helping Andi off the initial ledge. He really played the gentleman part well, and I have to say I was impressed with how good he was despite his own fears. During dinner he was so nervous about the rose that he covered it with a napkin before she gave it to him, and they talked about relationships and opening up to one another. Every one on one really has me thinking about how much conversation actually happens this season and it’s so impressive. Definitely loving her.

The country boy that he is, he enjoyed the private country concert so much he even told her he was falling in love with her. That’s an impressive step to take so early in the show, he’s the first to do that, but I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be broken-hearted in the end. He’s so sweet, and has definite Bachelor potential if he doesn’t make it, but the first to say something so serious frequently ends up hurt.

Between Andi’s date with Marcus and the cocktail party, a special delivery of a love letter from her “secret admirer” showed up. Who could this be from? We don’t actually know, but I have my guesses of who it could be. Josh? He’s so gaga for her. Brian? He keeps telling her how smitten he is. Marcus? He did just say he’s falling for her… Only time will tell, and how exciting will that be.

The cocktail party was where all the drama happened, but the producers definitely built it up to be something when it was absolutely nothing.Yes someone went home before the rose ceremony, yes that person did die afterwards, but the drama they made it into wasn’t worth it.

Tasos sat Andi down for a casual conversation instead of his normal grand gestures. Brian pulled her aside to get that kiss from her, which she was definitely very happy about. Marquel’s time was spent being goofy and teaching Andi to defend herself. He looks so cute in glasses, I hope he stays for a while. But then… the drama. Eric showed up for a conversation about how they ended things on the group date. She felt he wasn’t opening up? He felt she was too aware of the TV aspect of the show, and that he didn’t get enough real Andi time when they were together. Unfortunately, he used the terms poker face and actress which really got under her skin, so she wasn’t able to back up and see the whole picture. After getting offended, they weren’t able to work it out even when Eric backtracked and he ended up leaving before the rose ceremony began. Immediately after that, we cut to Chris Harrison and Andi Dorfmann sitting down after the filming to discuss what happened, as Eric is no longer alive.

Some are really angry about how the producers of The Bachelorette handled Eric’s departure saying he shouldn’t have been shown as the bad guy as he left. However, there was no way else for them to show him leave. He got in an argument with Andi, they did not agree, and he grabbed a taxi and left. Yes, it’s unfortunate. No, I can’t imagine how Andi must feel about this, but that doesn’t mean the producers had to pretend he went home for a different reason because he has since passed. If they had completely taken all of his moments out of the show then I’d be incredibly angry. Showing him allowed everyone to see his amazing personality, his incredible spirit, and his journey to find love. He will forever be remembered on the show, rather than tucked away into a little corner of oblivion that no one knows about. I think what the producers did was absolutely the right decision, spending time talking about Eric rather than seeing the end of the episode and the rose ceremony.

Eric and Tasos were sent home during the episode, and points for this week can be found here. There’s no episode next Monday, so instead we’ll be posting our Top Five men of this season! But we have to ask..

The Bachelorette 10×03: Singing, Aging, and Confrontation


Last week, Josh was smitten beyond belief and Andi enjoyed a strip show on her group date. This week the men sang their hearts out to a Boys II Men song, during a concert in front of thousands. For the points from this episode, check it out here!

Nick had the first 1on1 of the episode. They went hiking and cycling around Santa Barbara before stopping for dinner and a rose. It was an uneventful date, I feel like I didn’t really get much personality from him. Some of the guys at the house thought he might only be showing her one side of himself. There’s some good potential for controversy later on, but we shall see.

2Eric, Bradley, Marquel, Josh, Patrick, Brian, Cody, Marcus, Brett, Ron, and Tasos all joined Andi and Boys II Men for a performance of the song I’ll Make Love to You. If you thought all these guys were going to be good singers then you were wrong. Oh so wrong. Bradley showed off his operatic skills which I don’t think impressed anyone, though he thought it did. Everyone else was off-key and just… normal, really, because most people can’t sing well. They guys were split into two groups and did a big performance in front of a whole Boys II Men concert of “thousands” which was a great location for Josh and Marcus to forget the words as they tried to serenade Andi.

In the evening part of the date Andi pulled Cody aside to confront him about the guys mentioning that he had a girlfriend, but it all ended up being a joke. Ha ha. I don’t know, we’re not big fans of Cody over here, but I can see that she likes joking around with him which is good. Eric spent his one on one time confirming that Andi knows he’s interested in her and had a good date last week. Marquel was going through some of the basics (favourites, etc) with her. Marcus had a goal of kissing Andi during his one on one time, and he ended up getting the kiss he wanted, but not the rose. Josh spent his time joking around and making out with Andi, while telling her how much he was into her as well. They’re definitely my favourite couple of the season, and Andi seemed to like him — she gave him the group rose.

1JJ’s first date with Andi for the season was the second 1on1 of the week. Instead of a normal dinner and movie, Andi had them dress up in old people makeup and clothes and wander through the Santa Barbara boardwalk fooling people and thinking about their potential future. She must like JJ, because he got some kisses during their first date. It was a bit of a strange one but it fit their joking personalities quite well. However, it doesn’t actually show Andi what they’d be like when they’re old like she kept saying. Their dinner was flirty and fun and JJ ended up getting the rose.

During the cocktail party, Nick had flowers delivered to Andi with a letter while Eric was chatting, leaving him speechless. That was sweet that he’d get her flowers but I can’t help wondering whether he’s just playing her like some of the guys thought earlier. JJ comes up to Josh with some information about Andrew getting a girl’s number from a previous group date and then bragging to the guys at the house. They end up confronting Andrew about it, but he immediately walks upstairs into his room while JJ pesters him. That definitely shows he was feeling the pressure, but after composing himself he went downstairs and was surrounded by all the men while Josh, JJ, and Nick confronted him. Bitch fiiiiiight. Andrew played dumb the entire time which didn’t look good for him. It was all very dramatic, for this show. I can only imagine some of Andi’s drama tomorrow is about that as well.

In the end, Andi didn’t hear about any of this drama, Ron left due to a friend’s passing, and Andi sent home Bradley and Brett. The next episode is tomorrow night, so tweet with us @TheReviewWeekly! But tell us… What do you think of Andrew?

The Best of Belfry’s SPARK Fest



The Belfry’s sixth annual SPARK Festival returned this March for some fun, inventive theatre performances with over 40 free events and 5 big shows.

12960202914_5fb0b82ba5_m1. Terminus: From Toronto’s Outside the March Theatre, this has been called “Tarantino set to poetry” and we have to say, that’s a perfect description of it. A mother with a heavy conscience races to save a near-stranger from a vicious situation. A young woman finds comfort, sex and even love in the arms of a disembodied soul. And a dangerous loner prowls the pubs, longing to belt out Bette Midler for all to hear. Terminus explores the darkness that insecurity drives us to, and the light which comes from shedding who we’ve been and accepting who we are. Dark, emotional, wildly imaginative… This is one of our top picks of everything we’ve seen at the Belfry to date. With only the words and the emotion in the actor’s voice to go on for over 90 minutes this was a surprisingly captivating ride through three very interesting lives.

2. When It Rains: What looks like a graphic novel, makes you laugh, and breaks your heart? One of the best parts of this show from Halifax’s 2b theatre is the use of light projection to create the setting. The way they used the light to tell the story was so interesting, especially to see it choreographed so perfectly. A black comedy with heartbreaking dramatic scenes, this show kept the audience on their emotional toes, never knowing what to expect next.