Opening Today: Arts of Resistance at the Museum of Anthropology

Arts of Resistance is a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about Latin American politics through the lens of contemporary art—the objects on display embody important historical and cultural memories. Furthermore, the exhibition has the potential to influence how Latin American art and culture are showcased in museums and galleries. Considering the growing global mobility of people, ideas, and objects, Arts of Resistance demonstrates how museums and galleries can become sites of return and remembering, as communities use collections to reassert their identities and political agency.

Upcoming: Vancouver Opera Festival Returns

Under the banner of the Russian White Nights, the second annual Vancouver Opera Festival celebrates Russia’s luminous midsummer “white nights” with Eugene Onegin – a beloved Russian lyric opera, and the much-anticipated premiere of The Overcoat – a musical tailoring – an opera inspired by a contemporary theatre masterpiece. The Festival will also include Requiem for a Lost Girl – an original chamber musical collaboration that explores themes around homelessness.