Random Netflix Movie Night: Good Luck Chuck

In the course of two short interactions, Alba knocks over a waiter’s full tray, pours candle wax down the front of Cook’s pants, destroys her front teeth, causes a scalpel to be lodged in Cook’s back, drains the battery in her car, electrocutes Cook, rips her skirt off in a car door, ruins the convertible top of Cook’s car, locks herself out of her home—and that’s all before their first ‘date’.

Top 5: Favourite Movies of the Year

So this list is going to be a little all over the place. I’m not including many of the critically acclaimed movies in the running for awards, but instead focusing on just pure enjoyment. So check out my list below, and let me know what your favourites were on Twitter @reviewsbylauren!

Top Five: Whistler Film Fest picks for each day!

The Whistler Film Fest starts today and there’s so much on offer that it’s a little overwhelming. With over – world premieres and – Canadian premieres, it’s a hot ticket event. I’ve compiled a list of my top picks for each day of the festival: an easy guide to help you sort through everything going on. For a complete list, check it out here.