Oscars 2017 – Best Documentary Feature

This year’s documentaries have a strong racial focus, as frontrunners OJ: Made in America and 13th, as well as I am Not Your Negro all take on different parts of black consciousness in America. Unless the Academy rejects OJ’s roots as a TV five part series, this should win handily after picking up the majority of awards so far this season.

Oscars 2016 – Best Documentary Short

Documentary short is a difficult category to gauge since most people don’t have any chances to check them out. This year there are two Netflix nominees so you can check out The White Helmets and Extremis and we’ve got your back with descriptions of each below!

Top Five: Whistler Film Fest picks for each day!

The Whistler Film Fest starts today and there’s so much on offer that it’s a little overwhelming. With over – world premieres and – Canadian premieres, it’s a hot ticket event. I’ve compiled a list of my top picks for each day of the festival: an easy guide to help you sort through everything going on. For a complete list, check it out here.

Best Documentary Short

HBO is nominated three times this year, but they’re not the only powerful documentary shorts. Injustice and suffering is the prominent theme running through all five nominees, with few lighthearted breaks to relax and recoup.

Oscars 2014 – Best Documentary Feature

As always, some people’s favourite documentaries were snubbed such as Stories We Tell, but with the popular 20 Feet From Stardom and remarkable The Act of Killing we’ll still have a good race. All trailers are linked on the titles, and all but 20 Feet From Stardom can be found on Netflix.

  1. The Act of Killing – A powerful look at the Indonesian genocide by getting the death squad leaders to recreate their mass killings. By using any genre they wanted to create these scenes, we witness an interesting insight into “how human beings commit atrocities and how we build normality around these atrocities” (Joshua Oppenheimer, director). The bold stylistic choices used in this film could easily give it the Oscar.
  2. 20 Feet From Stardom – A musician’s underdog story about backup singers for some of the most popular bands that shows passion in art, something that the Academy voters may relate to.
  3. Cutie and the Boxer – The “unusual love story” between a boxing painter, Ushio Shinohara, and his wife Noriko as she tries to find her own identity outside of being Ushio’s assistant (Zachary Heinerling, director).
  4. The Square – Netflix’s first ever Oscar nomination comes by way of the Egyptian revolutionaries as governments are toppled.
  5. Dirty Wars – America’s covert wars is the focus as journalist Jeremy Scahill chases down the truth.

Oscars 2014 — Best Documentary Short

The Documentary Short category can be a difficult one to predict as most people don’t have the opportunity to see the nominees and we don’t get many other award shows as predictors. Each of the nominees focus on transformation this year. Both CaveDigger and Prison Terminal are strong contenders, but that isn’t to discount the powerful, emotional turns in Lady in Number 6 or Facing Fear. Karama seems to be a good companion piece to feature length documentary nomination The Square that focuses on the Egyptian revolution.

For all trailers, click the title of the documentary.

  1. The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life
  2. CaveDigger
  3. Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall
  4. Facing Fear
  5. Karama Has No Walls