Craving Some Entertainment: Patrick Melrose miniseries

Each episode of the five-part miniseries is based on the next book from the Melrose novels. We experience a weekend in New York as Patrick collects his father’s ashes, an evening at a fancy English party, and many other small moments as Patrick works to overcome the many childhood traumas that shaped his life.

Random Netflix Movie Night: Spy Kids

I’ve decided to start re-watching some of my favourite movies from when I was growing up—so that’s a lot of 90s and early 2000s flicks to get ready for. I know every generation feels like they had the best… but can you really deny the greatness of 90s kids movies? Lion King, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Shrek, The Incredibles… they were fantastic. And one of my favourites was Spy Kids from 2001.

Random Netflix Movie Night: Good Luck Chuck

In the course of two short interactions, Alba knocks over a waiter’s full tray, pours candle wax down the front of Cook’s pants, destroys her front teeth, causes a scalpel to be lodged in Cook’s back, drains the battery in her car, electrocutes Cook, rips her skirt off in a car door, ruins the convertible top of Cook’s car, locks herself out of her home—and that’s all before their first ‘date’.

Random Netflix TV Night: Friends, season one

Classes are back in session (well, a new school venture for me!) and with that, I’m rewatching all of Friends again to procrastinate. I’ve watched this show so many times over, and I love it just as much each time. I’m always finding something new to love and think about, so what better place to talk about it than here?