Tango inspires some hot and fiery music at Surrey Arts Centre


Surrey Civic Theatres presents Classical Coffee Concert: L’histoire du Tango—featuring hot and fiery music by the Bergmann Piano Duo and flute virtuoso Paolo Bortolussi—at the Studio Theatre at Surrey Arts Centre on Sunday, April 23 (social hour 2:30pm | concert 3:30pm).
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Symphonie Fantastique pairs Berlioz’s innovative masterpiece with imaginative new work by local, award-winning composer Benton Roark


The Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra (VAMSO) will embark on a thrilling musical journey with Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, February 19, 2017, 2pm at the Orpheum Theatre. In an afternoon inspired by ingenuity, VAMSO’s more than 100 musicians led by Music Director Leslie Dala will delve into Berlioz’s wildly visionary world of fantasy, named “the most innovative symphony of the 19th century” (The Guardian). The concert will also premiere A Stitch in Time, Vancouver composer Benton Roark’s latest creation. Continue reading

The Paper Kites Return to North America This Summer


Paper Kites albumThe popular Australian indie-folk band The Paper Kites are returning to North America this summer for multiple headlining dates and summer festivals, including Ottawa’s Blue’s Fest and Montreal’s Lion D’or. This is their first return to North America since their debut last fall with some City and Colour support dates. Check out all their North American festival tour dates here! But with more dates coming soon, be sure to follow @ThePaperKites and @TheReviewWeekly on Twitter for all the updates!

From their debut album States out now (Nettwerk Records), The Paper Kites delivered an ambitious video concept for their song “Young“. Oh Yeah Wow, an award-winning film and animation company, photographed 400+ different faces, each person was shot multiple times in a variety of facial poses, replicated various mouth shapes in accordance with the lyrics.  Using stop-motion animation, the video cycled through the hundreds of people, who when edited together, sang the song.  The video was featured by Yahoo! Music, Mashable, Huffington Post, MTV, Wall Street Journal, College Humor, Stereogum and more.

The Paper Kites was our BOTM in October 2013. To see our feature on them, click here.

The Paper Kites Come to Victoria for a Sold Out Show


Paper Kites album

The Paper Kites started the Canadian leg of their States tour at a sold out show at the Lucky Bar in Victoria. After Reuben and the Dark ramped up the crowd with their high energy set, The Paper Kites came out for a dreamy show of songs from their two previous EP’s, Woodland and Young North, and their new album States.

Full of energy and ready to put on a great show, they came out to an excited audience and kept it up the entire night. At one point, everyone but Sam Bentley leaves the stage for a quiet few songs. The intimacy of those moments were perhaps my favourite part, as we were given this added connection with some new songs. The comfortable nature Sam had on stage created a friendly atmosphere that rarely seems as genuine as this.

Christine Lacy’s ethereal voice seems to fade away in the live setting as the instruments overpowered her feather-like voice. On some songs, such as Cold Kind Hand, her voice is allowed to shine without the heavier vocals and instruments many others off their new album has which had me searching for more of her.

Lucky Bar has a talent of catching some of the best acts to come to Victoria, and the rustic setting suits the indie bands to a T. For more shows at Lucky Bar, check out their site!

For more information on The Paper Kites, check out their site and Facebook!

Zerbin Concert Review with Fall Brigade and National Tape

DSC_0413Jason Zerbin, Nick West, Derek Gust and Peter Mol (left-right) performing at Lucky Bar in Victoria [my photo]

Last night, I found myself at the Lucky Bar in downtown Victoria for the Zerbin concert. Lucky Bar is really chill, it’s one of those places that has lots of random stuff plastered over all the walls. It has a dense, dark atmosphere that allowed for good conversation without being too quiet. I’ll definitely be sure to go back for other acts.

Fall Brigade was first up and they had a good sound. It was just the beginning of the night so sadly the crowd never got into too much. People almost seemed scared to approach the dance floor. When National Tape came on there was more excitement and they had a longer, louder set but they still didn’t get as much recognition as they should have.

Jason ZerbinJason Zerbin [my photo]

To be honest, Zerbin’s set made me forget there had been any previous bands that night. Zerbin consists of Jason Zerbin, Peter Mol, and Nick West, with Derek Gust joining them live. As Zerbin was setting up, Rihanna’s We Found Love was playing which they all got really into. It helped to kickstart the fun vibe they had throughout their performance. Although they seemed to have a few very minor technical problems early on they got past it with ease and seemed to be having a great time on stage. The audience was pumped, cheering loudly and singing along during songs they knew. My favourite was definitely New Earth. The intensity and recognizability of that song made it an instant hit with everyone, so the excitement definitely went up after that. During the show Zerbin introduced a few new songs. Miracles is one song off their new EP coming out soon. Described as cheesy but fun it had everyone smiling as they sang along. Shoulder, introduced as a song they only finished two days ago, won’t be on their upcoming EP but when they do release it, it’ll definitely be a hit.

The introductions and little breaks for chat between songs kept everyone laughing and in a good mood. A few funny stories from Jason and some accents from Peter really just made me want to hang out with these guys. They referred to the audience as friends a few times and Zerbin’s enthusiasm never seemed forced. They seemed so humble and casual up on stage and I definitely wasn’t expecting such a friendly vibe, but I liked it. At one point in the night we had a cover of Mumford + Sons’ Babel which was really great, despite forgetting a few of the words at the beginning. Once they were into the swing of things it all came together nicely and a few songs required a ukelele which was really amazing. Who can say no to a ukelele?

Unlike in a lot of bigger shows where an encore is written in, Zerbin definitely didn’t seem to have it planned at all. Instead of the common planned encore where one of their most popular songs were saved for then, they came out and decided to do an acoustic/a cappella rendition of two covers. The Killers’ Human and Sufjan’s Chicago were the covers they chose and it was a fun singalong to end the night with.

To see all of my photos from the evening, head on over to herphotographyblog.com/zerbin to check them out!

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Zerbin plays in Vancouver on Thursday at Joe’s Apartment on Granville street! Doors open at 8pm! Make sure to check them out, and you might even see me there!