May Podcast Roundup


We’ve finally been getting some sun here in Vancouver, and although I’d normally be focused on finding some good summer tunes on the patio, I’ve been digging into a few shows I can listen to in quick bursts. Below, you’ll find a few of my favourites I’ve been enjoying this month that are all under thirty minutes. Listen to them on your commute, as you’re getting ready for the beach, or whenever else you have a little time – and let me know what you think!
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March Podcast Roundup


After last month’s unofficial hiatus, I finally got back into podcasts in March. I found out a few of my favourites will be returning soon, including Darkest Night which returns in May. Plus, I’m pairing up with The Plot Demands It to rank all the Bond movies this summer – so check out the info for that below!
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New Music Roundup


There’s been a lot of great music coming out in the past couple months. Tomorrow, we’ll be introducing our April Band of the Month and reviewing their newest album, but why not give you a couple new tracks to listen to in the meantime?

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Top Five: Vancouver International Dance Festival events to check out

The Vancouver International Film Festival started recently, and to help you figure out what to see – check out a few more shows below!

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Top Five – Slow Sugar’s favourite remixes ++ Hypnotic Love – Slow Sugar review


I recently had a quick chat with Slow Sugar’s Danielle Harris and Alex Utay for the Dulsae remix of their single Hypnotic Love. We got to thinking about some of the best remixes, so here are Slow Sugar’s top five remixes below – along with a review of their newly remixed single below!

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Trailer Roundup: 17/01/06


I hope you had a great New Years, but unfortunately now we’re past all the fun holiday parties and we have to buckle down for the rest of winter! Everyone seems a bit slow this week, from the holiday Monday, so it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things. Luckily, movies are always here to keep us entertained (and so is Netflix) so let’s check out what new trailers have been released!

It felt like a bit of a slow week, compared to a few weeks ago but there’s still some fun stuff. Below I’ve got new Fifty Shades Darker and Cult of Chucky for you, plus some smaller fare as well. Continue reading

Top 5: Club PuSh Events


The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival (PuSh Festival) has a lot of great events all through its 3-week series.

Club PuSh is all about informal, less traditional performances in a more casual space. It’s experimental, and Club PuSh at The Fox Cabaret is one of the best parts about this festival. Show up early for drinks and music from featured curators, or show up every night after your shows for the social hub of the festival, to connect with other festival-goers. Check out what’s happening at Club PuSh below! Continue reading

Comparisons: Survivor vs. The Amazing Race


Not wanting to cover such a broad topic, I’m narrowing this down to their prizes.

First, let’s look at the facts.


  • $1,000,000 for winner, $250,000 for runner up, $125,000 for 3rd place and so on. Each player receives $10,000 for appearing on the reunion show. Approx. $2,000,000 handed out each season.
  • $100,000 for “favourite” player voted by fans awarded by Sprint
  • Cars and other prizes are sometimes also given away.
  • Teams or Singular: Singular (prize money not split between people).
  • Current season: 25. Current year: 12. Approx. 2 seasons per year.
  • Ratings: fluctuated, but ultimately decreased from 28.3 to 11.64 (million).

The Amazing Race:

  • Prior years: $1,000,000 for winning couple, $25,000 for runner up, $10,000 for 3rd place, and so on. Approx. $1,100,000 handed out each season.
  • This year the winning couple has possibility of winning $2,000,000.
  • Travel and other prizes awarded to winning team of each leg.
  • Teams or Singular: Teams (prize money split between two people).
  • Current season: 21. Current year: 2001. Approx. 2 seasons per year.

Now, let’s discuss.

Initially when I heard people would win $2,000,000 on The Amazing Race this season, I thought they had just doubled the prize money, because it’s a better incentive and why not? But it turns out that isn’t the case. THat is how they marketed it, but the winning team only doubles their prize money if they also were the winner of the first leg. It’s a great added bonus, but it would be really easy for that to be ended if that team were to be eliminated. If The Amazing Race was to make the prize money $2,000,000 without a catch, then would Survivor be forced to make the same jump in prize money?

Personally, I love both shows (and would want to be on each) for different reasons. Survivor has the prize of being labeled the ‘sole survivor’ with a game of strategy and wits. The Amazing Race has involves lots of travel and adventure, with possible travel prizes along the way. I don’t find the money as a defining factor as to which show I would prefer to be on, it’s more the kind of adventure I would rather have.

Which show would you prefer to be on, and why?