Rachel starts her journey as The Bachelorette, and the men can’t handle Whaboom


Earlier I talked about each of Rachel’s men vying for her love this season, but now we’re onto the show and I.Can’t.Deal. There is already so much crazy and I cannot wait to get these dates underway.

Bare with me as I learn everyone’s names though… I honestly don’t know how I’ll keep them straight these first couple weeks. Continue reading

Sandra comes for revenge on Survivor, and Hurricane Debbie brews


Last week had a crazy finish as fan favourite Malcolm was sent home, so now we’ll be tasked with finding new favourites and predicting new winners. And before we go any further, I need to rant a little about why I dislike Sandra.

I know a lot of people love her because she’s the only two-time winner and she’s a badass. But I’m really not a fan. She’s arrogant, overconfident and brash – which isn’t that enjoyable to watch when the castaway doesn’t also have some kind of flair or oddity. I don’t know how to describe it, but she’s not fun. I enjoy the subtleties of good manipulators and strategists in Survivor, but everything is so straightforward. Maybe I’ll grow to like her throughout the season, but her immediate control of her tribe has left me very bored. I loved Boston Rob, but the season he won was not enjoyable – that kind of obvious control from the beginning ruins the entire point of the show: struggling or battling to victory and Sole Survivor status.

But now that that’s done… onto the episode! Continue reading

Survivor 34: Game Changers starts with a bang as legend goes home


The day we have all been waiting for is here: Survivor is back on our TV screens, and it’s with a bunch of returning players we know and love (or hate, because let’s be honest). It’s also Survivor’s 500th episode, which is an incredible milestone for any show to hit, but you can expect some big things tonight!

I always love the opening shot where Jeff Probst is standing somewhere precarious, and this time it’s on a wrecked ship in the middle of the ocean. In case you wanted that mini-insight. It’s Probst at peak-Probst, how can you not love it? If you want to know who my favourites are (so you understand why I rant over some players), you can find that post here.

But let’s get right down to it. The teams are:

  • Nuku (blue) with Debbie, Tai, Andrea, Cirie, Brad Culpepper, Sierra, Sarah, JT, Ozzie, and Zeke
  • Mana (orange) with Hailey, Caleb, Troizan, Sandra, Aubry, Tony, Michaela, (Jeff) Varner, Ciera, and Malcolm

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The Bachelor makes his choice and After The Final Rose sees Rachel meeting her men


Chris’ other big hosting night of each season is upon us, as Nick must choose between Vanessa and Raven before sitting down to hash it out for another hour afterwards. Or maybe Nick won’t choose anyone, but with how much they’ve pushed that idea it doesn’t seem likely… Continue reading

The Bachelor is satisfied in Finland + the Women Tell All


Last week, Raven started her date with Nick and revealed she’d never had an orgasm (with her ex? at all? who knows). This week we get to find out how their fantasy suite ended, then watch his dates with Rachel and Vanessa.

And then, the cat-fight of the Women Tell All (which is not live, no matter how much they try and tell us it is) comes on. If you thought 3 hours was too much, just wait for next week when we’ve got another 3 for the finale and After the Final Rose. Continue reading

Andi Dorfman returns to cajole The Bachelor and Raven professes her love


Last week we left it on a really boring note: Andi Dorfman had shown up at Nick’s hotel room just before the rose ceremony, to …confront him? We know she won’t be coming by to say a friendly hello or ask to take him back – her book is not all too kind to him, so why is she here?

Turns out we needed a long, drawn out conversation with Andi. It went pretty well, and they actually covered the most controversial topics of their relationship: namely, fantasty suite sex and when he called her out for it. I’m really having a resurgence of Nick-love at the moment.

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