Google chrome high cpu

Google chrome high cpu usage fix


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser made by google company. Google Chrome is available almost on every device. You can easily download this browser and use it for whatever you want.

Google chrome high cpu
Google chrome high cpu

Google chrome is famous among user because it provides best users experience. Google Chrome can work with all windows and also with smartphone. Mostly google products come with preloaded google chrome. So users don’t have to download it they got it with their device.

Google chrome ready to do amazing job for their users. One another main reason of using google chrome is people who are really attached to google like it because google enhanced their browser for google users. They got a lot of options in this browser so if you are a google lover you definitely have this amazing browser. Specially google chrome kay run almost on every windows pc or laptop.

The best this about google chrome is that you don’t have to pay any money to use this browser its completely free for all of user. You just have to download it to you laptop, Pc or on you smartphone and you are good to go then you can enjoy amazing browsing experience with this great browser.

Google Chrome requirements

If we talk about the requirements of google chrome to run it doesn’t want to much high end pc. It can easily run on an basic system. So minimum requirements for the pc to run google chrome smoothly are that it should b Pentium 4 atlest.

If we talk about the ram it should be around 128mb ram it will work fine with that ram and 100mb of free disk. If yours pc fulfill these minimum requirements you are good to go then you can use google best browser google chrome on yours pc.

In smartphone almost all andriod comes with pre installed google chrome so if you are user of andriod then you don’t need to worry. Android is the platform of google so smartphone with android comes with GMP in includ different apps by google they all come together when you buy a smartphone.

Many smartphone companies use andriod in their smartphones like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Nokia etc. Google also built smartphones by themselves to provide a best software and hardware to the public. Like google built smartphone of google pixels and mqny people like it.

Google Chrome Features

There are a lot of awesome features you can get in google chrome that you will not found in any other web browser.

1 . Google chrome provides you awesome super speed that you can browser any thing with fastest speed.

2 . Google chrome provides you the great performance at slow internet. It show you a lite version of web page.

3. Google chrome provide you security and much more reliability then other browsers.

5. Google chrome gives you an opportunity to store all of your data and password with protection of master password.

6. Google chrome Password saved and gave you an ability to auto login google account. You can login it to any of yours account with any hassle.

7. Google Chrome helps you to save multiple account and can store passwords and gave you an opportunity to login easy in to every site you have account and much more.

8. Google chrome provide you and great layer of security to you and you got a piece of mind to be secure.

9. Google chrome show you that which site is ssl secure. Those site which are not secure it will give you an warning that this site is not secure.


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