How to get Zong free internet MBS free Daily ?

How to get Zong free internet MBS free Daily


How to know Zong Sim number! How to get free internet Mbs free Daly

Zong different codes for calls massage and internet. How to share balance with others.

How we know our Zong number with Sim jacket or I’d card.

Dial *8# from the dialer.
You will get your Zong number.

How to get free MBS on my Zong app daily.

Open you’re my Zong app and just simply click on rewards the spinning game comes out and you will click on one box. You will get free MBs daily basis. You can get up to 500 MBs daily. You can play games one’s in day. The rewards are valid till night at 12 pm. You can daily play and get free MBs daily.
How to make my Zong app account.
How to get free internet Mbs on Zong Sim my Zong app.

1.Step no 1 open the play store and download the Zong app.
2. Then open my Zong app and add your number and retest it.
3. The a verification SMS.
4 . Then open the massage and write down the code and write it.
5. Then select the gender.
6. Your account is ready.

If you are 1 St Time login to my Zong app Zong gives you 4 GB of the internet free for 7 days.

Zong’s most popular internet bundles.

1. Zong internet codes from 4 am to 7 pm.
Day time offer
(* 47 # ) 1200 mbs in 16 + Tex
2 . Zong internet codes for 1 am to 9 am.
Good night offer or youth offer.
(* 6464 * 2 * 1 #) 2500 MBS in 16 + Tex
3. Zong internet codes for WhatsApp (* 247 #) 4000 MBS only for WhatsApp in 50 rupees include tex for 30th days.
4. Zong internet codes from 1 am to 9 am full week.
(* 808 # ) 100000 MBS in 100 rupees include tex for week
5 . Zong internet codes 30 GB for a full week.
30 GB in 270 + Tex for a full week.
How to share balance with any Zong number.
Daile (*828#). To share balance 3 rupees include Tex.

How to free call on Zong.

To get the Zong free call first of all you will daily number and simply added 11 to the first to number. Your call charge on other people.


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