The Bachelorette ep 7 review: Becca picks her hometown dates

Oh, anyone else notice Wills was dressing like Janice from Friends in his multi-animal print shirt and pants? YIKES.

The Bachelorette ep 3 recap: Becca kicks off a week of injuries

Welcome to the injury episode! In a continuation of last week, we wrap up the Colton/Tia relationship drama, and a looooot more between David and Jordan. Jordan can’t sustain the intellectual connection David thinks Becca wants—he does know she was with Arie last, right?—and Jordan thinks that David’s cooking is lame. Jordan does know a man who cooks is sexy, right? If I learned anything tonight, both guys are awful but at least Jordan brings some entertaining crazy to spice things up.

The Bachelorette episode 1 recap: Becca does the damn thing

Connor was the first to get some solo-time with Becca after the limos and he continued to show some sensitivity that I didn’t expect. If he isn’t the dumb player-type then I’m really looking forward to this season! Clay brought out the Play-Doh (clay) to get to know Becca a little better and they made adorable little figurines of each other. Let’s just say they’re not the best artists. Garrett did a little fly-fishing demonstration with Becca and got her thinking about how he’s similar to her dad—I’m calling it, will he be in the top two?

Meet the men vying for Becca’s heart on The Bachelorette: who looks good and who’s that chicken?

Just like in Rachel’s season, Chris Harrison surprised Becca with five of her men on the After the Final Rose. We met Lincoln (the man with an accent that caught everyone’s attention), Chase, Darius, Brian (with an original banjo song), and the man with the horse, Blake. I’ll get into them with more detail below, but of all those men I’m most interested in Lincoln, by far.