And the Next Bachelor Is…

Sean Lowe!

Audiences fell in love with Sean as he tried to win Emily Maynard’s heart on her season of The Bachelorette, but after coming third there was much discussion about whether this popular man would become the next Bachelor.

Other options were discussed but none of them garnered the excitement from women that was hoped for. NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was approached, but happily didn’t sign. Lamar Hurd wanted to be the first African American bachelor, but he didn’t get the gig either. Personally, I would have loved to have some new guy that wasn’t on other seasons so everything about the show was new and different (apart from the setup), but this is good as well. The other sports star that was approached but never signed was Ryan Lochte, eleven time Olympic medalist. To be honest if he were the Bachelor it would have been so cringeworthy I don’t think I could handle watching it. He doesn’t seem like one to be looking for love just yet.

As this show loves pulling from past seasons for their new leaders, there were two other other previous contestants that were in the running. Roberto Martinez, the winner from Ali’s season of The Bachelorette was speculated to be the next bachelor but I expect after the massive response from the three final men on Emily’s season he was forgotten. Lastly, Arie Luyendyk Jr the race car driver and runner up on Emily’s season of The Bachelorette was considered but he decided against it to pursue his racing career. Either Sean or Arie would have been a great addition to The Bachelor series, but I’m happy with who they chose. Sean is a sweet, caring man who I expect will induce some interesting, real conversations from the girls. Hopefully, he seemed engaging at least!

This seventeenth season of The Bachelor will air beginning in January 2013 after Dancing with the Stars: All Stars wraps up. Would you have preferred one of the other men mentioned to be the star, or do you like Sean like me?

And the Next Bachelor Is…

Bachelor Canada: Series Premiere

After 16 successful seasons of The Bachelor and 8 seasons of The Bachelorette, Canada’s CityTV decided to create a duplicate TV show full of Canadian guys and gals in Canadian locals. A Canadian Football League slotback Brad Smith is the first Bachelor to grace the Canadian series.

Surprisingly, they seem to have found a real man on their first shot. He’s sweet, commenting all the girls on their dresses, and his reactions feel very real and off the cuff. His conversations with the women seem genuine and reasonably unscripted, but we shall see if that continues in future episodes.

As the girls come out of the limo some of them definitely gave off some interesting first impressions. Some girls tried to pull out the gimmicks, but they didn’t always work. Mindy the hunter comes in declaring open season on love, and although Brad thinks her hiking boots are cute she’s sent back home. Jessica brought pompoms to do a cheer for Brad, but when she tried to get him to reciprocate it quickly went downhill. Kara brought the athleticism and “home run” metaphors. Fawn tripped like the baby deer she is (twice!), and was sent home to recover. The most awkward introduction garnered the first impression rose. Who knew that a really, really, long hug and a creepy comment would get you so far? Amber, the strip club server, rides in on a motorcycle. The worst of the girls is definitely Rebecca, or Bubba as she wants to be called. In a 50s style, puffy Minnie Mouse dress she comes across way too confident and makes a rude comment about one of the girls while still in earshot of Brad. Not the way to win his heart.

One of my main concerns for a Canadian version of this classic American reality series, was the decidedly small town aspect of Canada. To differentiate between the Canadian and American versions, I worried that the producers would choose many small town girls (aka, unattractive women) and small town landmarks (aka, embarrassing) but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The bachelor house is in beautiful Victoria, BC. I love that the west is being featured in this show instead of Ontario or other eastern provinces because we’re normally forgotten about compared to Ontario and Quebec.

My favourite girl so far, bound to quickly annoy me, is quickly adorable “pastor girl” Chantelle. She’s very giggly and innocent, but kind and caring as well. I love her so far because she seems so real like she could actually capture Brad’s heart. When they talked she brought up her cute gimmick of a book full of kids love quotes. What I liked is that Brad seemed interested in her even though she was the innocent girl. I’d say this means he clearly isn’t on this show just for the sex, but he did go for Whitney… My favourite moment with Chantelle was when she was being educated as to which women had fake breasts versus those with real breasts. She seemed so shocked by how the conversation had escalated, but coped really well and had a fun time. Here’s to hoping she continues to be a fun, bubbly girl on the show!

The only thing I found successful about Whitney’s appearance was that she didn’t get caught up in the Gabrielle drama. I’m sure Brad was told by the producers to keep her, which is why he easily got a 16th rose for tonight.

My biggest problem with the show is no Chris Harrison. I’m not feeling Tyler Harcott yet. Hopefully I’ll warm up to him, but he’ll never be as beloved as Chris Harrison is while he is so friendly with the contestants.

Girls still on the show are: Whitney (first impression rose), Bianka, Britany, Chantelle, Gabrielle, Kara, Laura B, Laura F, Melissa Marie, Michelle B, Michelle V, Nicole, Sophie, Stephanie, Tia, and Ana (extra rose).

Stay tuned for next week when the date cards start coming and drama flows freely.

Bachelor Canada: Series Premiere

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap/Review *Season Finale*

The BP Season 3 Cast

As the summer comes to a close, so too must the summer sleaze. Finales of Bachelor Pad are unlike their regular season counterparts as there are no competitions. In fact, it seems to resemble The Bachelor‘s After The Final Rose more closely. If one of your favourite contestants was voted off earlier in the season, then this is the episode to find out where they are now. Are your favourite couples still together? During the discussion portion of the episode, host Chris Harrison will chat with them and find out.

Previews for this episode make it seem terribly dramatic and exciting. So here we go…

The Drama:

I don’t know if they forgot to add the cheering fan sound with the twins, but everybody else had huge cheers and the twins got nothing. In the recap clip we get one of Kalon’s amazing quotes “Well yeah I’m a lier… do you want me to elaborate on that?” The first subject Chris touches on is the Kalon and Lindzi (Kindzi) relationship. They say they’re still going, but it appears they’re not one of those couples that are big on PDA. As Lindzi is saying how great she thinks Kalon is, Erica Rose decides to ruin the moment, telling Lindzi to be careful because Kalon has been seen with other women. Isn’t he allowed friends?

Michael is the first on the hot seat. He was a champion from the second season, and immediately became one of the frontrunners in this season. His relationship with Rachel, which seemed like it could go somewhere during the show, turns out to have been just a fling. The drama that was expected, that he was dating somebody else the whole time or something to that magnitude, isn’t true. Of course later, that does turn out to be true. To be honest, expecting that you’re little summer camp relationship will last outside of the house is normally unrealistic. I’m not saying it never happens… but it’s rare. Erica Rose looks so nice today, her hair is a much better colour and it’s shorter which definitely suits her a lot more. Unfortunately, she isn’t acting very nice. Ruining the moment earlier between Kindzi, and now getting all up in Michael’s hot seat moment and basically telling him he deserved to hear the comments she said about him and Holly from a previous season. It’s still uncalled for.

Jaclyn is next on the hot seat. Her weird relationship with Ed and Rachel’s betrayal are expected topics, but they never even discuss Ed. Jaclyn definitely isn’t a forgetful human being, and she completely dislikes Rachel still. Her humility is astounding while she talks about how much she controlled the game. Welcome to Bachelor Pad sweetheart, nothing is ever set in stone.

Blakeley’s big moment has come, bringing her onto the hot seat next. First, the love triangle between Chris, Jamie, and Blakeley. Suddenly Jaclyn is involved, everybody thinks Jamie is fake, and as things seem like they’re about to get really tense the conversation switches to Blakeley’s wonderful relationship with Tony. The happiness and adorableness that both of them express is just so cute, I really hope they keep going strong. Tony tells of how he immediately liked her but Chris got her, and although he was friend zoned a few times he still pursued her, and finally he came out successful. I love that he never gave up. But that’s not all… Tony and Blakeley have an announcement. She’s moving in with him to Portland, Oregon. You think that’s the whole announcement? You’d be terribly wrong. Suddenly, Tony starts making some big speech, and everyone is suddenly realizing that he’s proposing. Their proposal was definitely the most real of any on the Bachelor shows, as it wasn’t planned for the final rose as normal. In other news, she looked incredibly gorgeous during the episode.

When Rachel got onto the stage, she opens up about how hurt she was after discovering how Michael led her on. She also reveals Michael’s relationship with someone else in Chicago. He never denies it, so is he not as good of a guy as everybody thought? I can’t say that I have enough information to judge, but he definitely isn’t as completely sweet as everyone thought. He’s also on a reality sleaze show, so is that really surprising?

Chris jumps into a description about how much his family and friends have judged him from his behaviour on the show. They should too. His sister should be mad about how he’s treating other women, his father should be mad because he didn’t raise Chris like that, and so on. I don’t know how Sarah can stay with him after his treatment of the other girls because he always had such glee when talking about his deception of the other girls. Ugh.

The Money:

Nick and Rachel are one of the couples that have made it to the finale. Forced to be partners after Rachel’s partner Michael left, they won the final challenge which automatically placed them in the finale where they took Chris and Sarah along with them. This was a good strategic decision for them, as there was a much better chance they would get to the money as opposed to with Ed and Jaclyn. Unfortunately, this left a very shaky friendship between Jaclyn and Rachel, as Jaclyn had been completely loyal up until she was voted off. Will she choose to vote for Chris and Sarah just because of Rachel’s decision or will she stay loyal to her best friend?

Chris and Sarah are the second couple in the finale with a chance at the money. They won the first challenge of last episode, giving them the decision to send home Blakeley and Tony. With so many people against them, it was definitely a good choice for Nick and Rachel to choose them.

No longer is their fate up to them, everybody is now allowed to ask questions to determine who they will vote for before

The votes that we see:

Michael: Nick/Rachel

Jamie: Nick/Rachel

Kalon: Chris/Sarah

Ed: Nick/Rachel

Blakeley: Nick/Rachel

Dave: Chris/Sarah

Erica Rose: Chris/Sarah

Reid: Nick/Rachel

Lindzi: Nick/Rachel

Donna: Nick/Rachel

Tony: Nick/Rachel

Jaclyn: Nick/Rachel

Immediately after Jaclyn casts her vote, she runs up to Rachel and they are hugging and smiling, looks like she isn’t as angry as first thought.

Relationship Test:

Nick and Rachel are now escorted to two different rooms. Two signs, one reads keep and one reads share. If both choose share, they each get half the money ($125,000). If one chooses keep while the other picks share, the one who chose to keep the money gets all of it ($250,000). The big risk, is if both choose keep then neither of them get the money, and it is split between the other 16 contestants.Doesn’t that make for some interesting strategizing! As the rest of the contestants are discussing the options, the only person who would take the money for himself is “SWAT”, one of the fans who left on the first day. Michael doesn’t understand why somebody would be so greedy as to take all of it, when half is plenty, and everybody else thinks that Rachel and Nick are honorable enough to share.

Rachel reveals first, choosing share, leaving Nick with the possibility to get $125,000 or $250,000. Before revealing what he chose, he describes how much nobody thought he would win, nobody thought he was important or a contender, and Rachel never wanted him as a partner and didn’t decide to stay to help him, but because Michael and Jaclyn wanted her to. Suddenly, he reveals that he chose to keep the money. Rachel can’t handle that she lost, the other contenders are stunned into silence (and anger), and the audience loves the decision.

More Thoughts:

I think this ending is just like Survivor. Everybody always wants to say how honest they were, or how sorry they were for lying to people, but the entire point is to “outwit, outlast, outplay” in Survivor, and it’s similar to this show. Isn’t the point to win the money? Doesn’t everybody lie? This time the winner didn’t lie and cheat and do silly things to win, he stayed under the radar and coasted through by letting everybody else get caught up in the drama while he waited for his time to swoop in.

What did you think of the winner and all the drama?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap/Review *Season Finale*

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap/Review

With four couples left, this episode is the one that decides who will go into the finals.

None of my former favourites are left, so I guess this time I will say that Blakeley and Tony are my favourite because they have a successful relationship (so far). For that reason, I also like Sarah and Chris right now.

The Competition:

For the first competition, the winning group does not get roses. Instead, everybody must pack their bags as the winner gets to decide a couple to go home. ‘Hanging by a thread’ is the challenge. One half of the couple sits above the pool on a seat. The second half of the couple sits and answers Bachelor Pad trivia. Every wrong answer to the trivia questions results in one rope being cut. After three of the six ropes are cut, the person above the pool is hanging by their hands on a trapeze bar. The last person hanging on to their bar (or sitting) wins. Tony’s ropes are cut first, then Sarah, and lastly Ed and they fall in order. Chris loses only one rope as Ed falls, making Chris and Sarah win the challenge. The Sarah/Chris relationship and team is doing really well.

Their prize is to send a team home, and they choose Blakeley and Tony. I’m quite disappointed by who they sent home as I had just said that I liked their team best. When Chris says something to each of the teams as to reasons to send them home… Chris said worse things about the other two teams than about them, but oh well. It’s really cute that Tony gets in her limo as well. Looks like I don’t have to wonder whether Blakeley and Tony are back together though, as – without any spoilers – we’ll find out more on the finale!

The second challenge of the episode results in roses for the winning couple, and the decision as to who joins them in the finale. If you want annoying sounds emanating from your TV, then this is the challenge for you! A big scale karaoke competition at the Hollywood Paladium of the song Sister Christian by Night Ranger. The judges? Night Ranger. Well isn’t that nerve-wracking. At least they get a day to prepare?

Everybody says they’re awful at singing, but you know that at least one person is going to turn out to be reasonably okay. Ed immediately starts planning different creative moves to enhance their performance, and as he knows this song really well from listening to it all the time he probably has an edge. Ed and Jaclyn seemed to be the best at first, but as they continue they start to go downhill. Chris says that Sarah can’t sing, but he isn’t too much better. Sarah went from confidently thinking she was okay but actually not being that good, to being terribly self conscious of how bad she is and not wanting to sing anymore. Nick and Rachel don’t even know the words of the song, so I don’t really know how they’ll succeed with that one. Everybody gets a vocal coach which is good, but I can’t help but feel sorry for those coaches. How out of work were they to get this gig?

When they pull up to the theatre on the night of their performance there’s a bunch of girls in front cheering for them and their names are on the marquee. Such an exciting night for them. Sarah writes lyrics on Chris’ arms incase he forgets the words which is a good idea… but even he thinks he’ll sweat it off. All of the hairspray and eyeliner and 80s clothes… Oh such a wonderful challenge.

And the performances begin. The costumes are entertaining, and my favourite is definitely Rachel’s: a sparkly midriff baring top and leather jacket, jean shorts, and ? So cute. The first performance is Rachel and Nick. I can’t imagine how terrifying this would be, I definitely couldn’t do it. Her voice is decent, but her voice is quite spacey. They seem to be having a bunch of fun, and Nick really pulls out a good rock persona. Nothing seemed very noteworthy though. Jaclyn and Ed perform next. His crazy blond hair is ridiculous and it makes me want to cry. In the most awkward performance, Jaclyn forgets the words within seconds, and they don’t remember very many more lines after that. They end up dry humping on stage and she gives Ed a lap dance. Everybody looked very awkward for them, so I guess they won’t be getting the roses. Sarah and Chris are last, and they seem to have a good chance of winning. They’re very high energy and having a lot of fun. Sarah is a bit crazy in her dance movements, Chris strips off his shirt, they’re just a fun hot mess. The judges seem to like Rachel and Nick’s, hate Jaclyn and Ed’s, and found Sarah and Chris’…entertaining? The winner of this competition was Rachel and Nick. For Nick’s first win, this was really big. They also get to decide who will join them in the finals.

Final Rose Ceremony:

This is a big rose ceremony. One team stays and one team goes. Jaclyn is all freaked out because if Rachel doesn’t take her then their friendship is ruined, and Chris is devastated that he doesn’t have any power. Nick and Rachel begin thinking about the strategy. Nick wants to take Chris and Sarah to win, while Rachel wants to take her friends Ed and Jaclyn. While Nick says that Rachel won’t lose Jaclyn as a friend if Rachel sends her home, Jaclyn says otherwise. Rachel ends up agreeing with Nick and Ed and Jaclyn go home. Chris is the go to guy for comforting the women. I don’t know why, but since his drama ended I’ve really taken a liking to him again.

Couples In The Final:

  1. Rachel and Nick
  2. Sarah and Chris

Final Thoughts:

Jaclyn does nothing but swear about Rachel when in the limo home. Everybody seems so incredibly spiteful and silly during this game. She’s dead to you because you can’t win the money that you don’t need? Get over it.

In the preview for next episode Rachel is wandering around backstage yelling and crying and being overly dramatic, Michael Stagliano and Rachel have a confrontation, and something shocks everybody. And, of course, somebody wins the $250,000.

What do you think of the couples moving into the final? Who do you want to win?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap/Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap/Review

Last week, Blakeley and Tony started up a relationship, and with a twist in the voting, Erica Rose and Michael left.

My favourites have been Michael and Kalon, but now that Michael is gone I’m down to Kalon only. Hopefully we get more of him because Michael is gone?

Initial Thoughts:

Rachel is devastated that Michael is gone because she was falling in love with him. From now on, everybody competes as couples — competing as couples, voting as couples, leaving as couples. This creates some new drama as to how to get certain people home. Rachel and Nick are now partnered together, as they were the only two without partners after this rose ceremony. Everybody thinks that Nick and Rachel aren’t going to last, but without the emotions that every other couple has it could work better. Unless everybody targets them.

The Competition:

This week, we get to see how awful all the contestants are at spelling. They get into a yellow school bus and show up at an auditorium for a spelling bee. Everybody immediately freaks out about how awful they are at spelling. How is everybody so bad at this? Kalon is the only person reasonably unconcerned but he turns out to be just as bad at everybody else. When the judges (some school kids) show up, everybody comments how they look like they just stepped out of Hogwarts, which was so adorable. After going through fourteen rounds where it is down to Jaclyn/Ed and Sarah/Chris, Sarah and Chris succeed and get the roses. Both of the final teams get overnight dates.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Chris and Sarah’s overnight date starts immediately after winning the challenge. They are flown out somewhere and they get on a cute little train. Sarah looks like she’ll fall over in her heels, this is an absurd outfit to wear in a field. Apparently Sarah decides that she’s falling for Chris, which is kind of ridiculous, have you seen Chris’ track record? Although they do look incredibly cute together. I didn’t realize that Chris was still hurting from Emily, I didn’t realize that he really was hurt from Emily considering his reactions with this show. If Sarah says ‘Oh my God’ once more… They get into serious conversations over dinner and I love that they’re able to have these kinds of conversations. I really think they’re date is cute.

Back in the house, Rachel is still considering leaving and Jaclyn tries to get her to stay. As Nick tries to convince Rachel to stay, she decides that being away from Michael isn’t worth the money. Can’t she think about how Nick wants the money as well? Clearly not. The conniving starts with Jaclyn mentioning that they want to eliminate Kalon and Lindzi because Lindzi has been less into the strategy then everyone else. I love how Kalon looked at Lindzi during the spelling bee like he was admiring her so much. I love how cute they always look together. They seem really chill, like they’d make it outside of the show.

Last week, Ed told Jaclyn that he didn’t have feelings for her in front of everyone. Jaclyn was really hurt by this, and she’s clearly in love with him, and today we apparently have even more reveals from Ed to add to the hurt. In a plane they get a beautiful tour of the Channel islands. As Jaclyn contemplates how to put herself out there and tell Ed that she likes him, Ed tries to tell Jaclyn that he’s been pursuing somebody at home. This girl and Ed agreed to break up while he was on this show because he was going to hook up with people while on the show. He’s slept with at least two girls on the show, and although he told Sarah about this other girl he hadn’t specifically told Jaclyn expecting that she knew, but I don’t know if that other girl is really going to want to get back together with him afterward. They seem to have an actual, important conversation but then Ed acts a bit douchey, and I just can’t handle Jaclyn not ending the ‘relationship’ with him. Ed just doesn’t want to make the distinction between couple/team/relationship, because he wants to leave space for his girl back home while also getting sex at the house. Jaclyn doesn’t want to look like a whore, and forgetting that she’s on the Bachelor Pad? She doesn’t look like a whore, I feel so bad for her because things with Ed seem to have taken such a bad turn. Ed wants the best of both worlds and she shouldn’t let him get that.

In the house, Tony takes Blakeley on a cute little date in the backyard even though they don’t have a one-on-one date. He keeps saying such cute things. They get into a discussion about her trust issues, but he seems willing to try, so I’d love to see them work out.

After getting back in the house after their date, Jaclyn and Ed are given the opportunity to give roses to a couple. Unable to give the roses to themselves, they need to find the couple most loyal to them. Nick/Rachel make the ploy that Tony/Blakeley are a big threat for the money at the end. Blakeley/Tony don’t trust Chris/Sarah and so they need the assistance. Kalon/Lindzi are nervous because if they don’t get saved they’ll probably get sent home – and they’ll be forever loyal. In the end, they give the rose to Blakeley and Tony, and I’m really happy that they get to stay for another week and progress in their relationship. “Just because we’re not emotional alcoholics, doesn’t mean we don’t want this as much as everybody else” Yes, Kalon… Very true, and I’m happy you’re not an emotional alcoholic yelling and running around the house like a madman, but it means I don’t get to see you very often.

Kalon makes one final play for voting off Nick and Rachel, because he wants to protect Lindzi. Feeling as though he has let her down by not helping her get to the final anymore, he makes the suggestion to Blakeley and Tony that Rachel and Nick aren’t a couple and they don’t need more time together like himself and Lindzi, and all of a sudden everything goes crazy. Nick starts saying things he shouldn’t to Blakeley and Tony, making himself more likely to be voted off while Rachel goes and calls Michael to get comfort during this difficult time. Seriously, it’s ridiculous how much one tiny comment that Kalon made blossomed into this frantic play for who to send home.

Couples Staying:

  1. Chris & Sarah
  2. Tony & Blakeley
  3. Ed & Jaclyn
  4. Nick & Rachel

Final Thoughts:

I always enjoy getting this far into the show, where couples are voting each other off. Just because you want one half of the couple to go/stay doesn’t mean you can immediately chuck them off anymore.

My favourties for this episode was still Kalon (as always), but I like the Tony/Blakeley coupling. For two weeks in a row my favourite men have left, unfortunately this means I will not get to see Kalon anymore, and I have to admit I’m terribly devastated.

Do you like the single or couple voting better? Let me know in the comments below!

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 6 Recap/Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap/Review

Last week, Chris desperately tried to eliminate his partner Blakeley as he found a new girl, Sarah, to partner and hook up with but instead his other hookup partner Jamie left.

Throughout the season my favourites have been Kalon and Michael, and that didn’t change through the last episode. With Chris having switched partners from Blakeley to Sarah, and Tony’s partner Jamie being chucked, they came together to be quite the force. Not only did we see a force on the challenge side, but we also saw it on their date in the romance side.Throughout the season, Michael and Kalon have been my favourites and this did not change last week. This was also the first week that we saw Tony as a featured player in this game. The only man left who we still haven’t seen much from is Nick. Although he was on a 3on1 date he hasn’t had any romances or strategic moments, leaving a lot to be desired from him.

The Competition:

This week’s challenge was “The Great Fall of China.” The women compete against each other (and men against each other) walking back and forth with a tray, adding a cup and saucer each time until they make it with six of each. Every time the cups and saucers fall they must restart their laps, making the lead change quickly. Along with trying to not let the dishes fall, one also isn’t allowed to touch the dishes while going through the path. The three front runners in this race were Sarah, Lindzi, and Blakeley. When this challenge was initially brought up Blakeley was definitely the most excited because she used to be a waitress at Hooters. Although Sarah was the first to finish with 6 cups and saucers, in the last few seconds she touched the dishes to steady them, leaving her eliminated. In the end, Blakeley did win the challenge as expected. This left Chris incredibly displeased as he would be unable to vote off Blakeley as he had hoped. But then when it was the men’s turn to do the challenge he was unable to win the rose for himself, letting it go to Blakeley’s teammate, Tony. Leaving everybody else thoroughly annoyed, Blakeley helped Tony along throughout the challenge, never more than a few steps away and always with supportive words and encouragement. Personally, I liked this team. Blakeley was the only person that supported her teammate, and we never heard bad comments. If Tony thinks he can put up with her ‘nagging’ then more power to him.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Because partners Blakeley and Tony won the date, Chris Harrison comes in and asks if Blakeley would take him on her date which she agrees to. She is then made to give her rose somebody else, allowing them a date as well. Giving her safety rose to the man who had yet to be on a date, Kalon is now able to take is wonderful woman on the date of their lives. With the option of a normal or an overnight date, Blakeley elects to go on the second one with Tony, giving Kalon the opportunity for the normal (non-sleepover) date.

Kalon’s date card shows up and with it two boxes. Kalon’s obvious choice of Lindzi for the date brings with it beautiful jewelry and a Bentley to drive around in. Blakeley is jealous of the finery, but looks forward to her date even more. They follow their GPS directions across LA to a closed bridge where they find a dinner set up for them overlooking the LA skyline. I have been incredibly excited for the glimpses of Kalon that we have been seeing in the past few episodes, but this was the best yet. Seeing Kalon proclaim that he “might be kind of maybe falling in love” with Lindzi was so amazing. Although we never saw her response, we did see a massive smile form on her face as he was making his proclamation. I really do hope he is happy with her (as when I googled images of their date I discovered they seem to still be dating about a month later).

Blakeley chose the overnight date, imagining planes and trips ands cruises and other lavish date ideas while her and Tony actually get a Jeep, a trailer, and blankets under the stars. Although initially shocked by the difference from the Kalon/Lindzi date, they make the most of it. The fact that their date was so relaxed and normal meant the chemistry they exhibited had a better chance of being real and progressing post-BP. The cutest moment was when Tony turned the radio on in the Jeep and they danced around it until they started kissing. Upon getting home, Chris B seemed really frustrated with Tony for being enchanted by Blakeley, but I don’t see the problem with anybody but Chris in this scenario. Maybe if he kept his word he wouldn’t be in this mess…? When they get back from the date and Tony is about to hand out his safety rose to one of the women in the house Blakeley momentarily gets concerned that Tony won’t follow through on what they discussed, but he does end up giving it to Jaclyn instead of Sarah like Chris insisted.

Michael isn’t stopped by not winning the challenge, and he pulls Rachel away for a little one on one time together. His guitar is there, and they just end up cuddling and chatting about how they’re falling for each other. Another cute moment with them that I would hope to see more of…

Chris Harrison comes in on the night of the rose ceremony to shake up the voting. This week, everybody votes for a woman to go home, and then immediately after not receiving a rose, she chooses a man to be sent home with her. Suddenly everybody is fretting about going home. Before this switch, Chris was terrified about going home but afterward he thinks he is safe until he starts getting worried again. He is such an emotional wreck on this show, I can’t handle him anymore.

With Chris wanting to vote out Lindzi but being unable to because she’ll send him home, he sets his sights on anybody else. Michael starts thinking about how his alliance can’t send Sarah home as she will bring Michael down with her, so he sets his sights on Erica Rose. The plan was to spread word that Chris was trying to send ER home, so she would bring Chris with her, but after lots of angry discussions and one genius play, it all falls apart. In a stroke of genius, Chris brought Erica Rose into the deliberation room to directly show her that he wasn’t voting against her. Although his vote for Lindzi meant that it might hurt him if Lindzi were to be voted out, it helped him when ER had more votes against her.

Men Staying:

  1. Tony
  2. Kalon
  3. Ed
  4. Nick
  5. Chris

Women Staying:

  1. Blakeley
  2. Jaclyn
  3. Sarah
  4. Rachel
  5. Lindzi

Final Thoughts:

I am very sad to see Michael go. He was one of two favourites, and now I only have Kalon to support. My favourite relationships were the Kalon/Lindzi relationship along with the Michael/Rachel one. I really hope that Michael and Rachel reconnected after the show ended because they did seem to be hitting it off rather well, and I’d like him to find someone good after all the drama from the previous season with Holly and Blake. Erica Rose acted so horribly at the end when sending Michael home. I enjoyed some of the strategy that went into the vote, but the way it turned out at the end left a bitter taste in my mouth – and not just because of who left, but how.

What did you think of this new voting system for the episode? Did you like the dates? Let me know below?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap/Review