Best Original Score — 2018 Oscar Picks

This year’s nominees come from all over here. We have sci fi, action, romance, and indie drama. What’s not different is the composers for each movie—we still have many of the usual suspects, including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Alexandre Desplat.

Oscars 2014 — Best Original Score

John Williams (The Book Thief) is the only winner in this category, having picked up five statues in 48 previous nominations. Thomas Newman (Saving Mr Banks) received his 12th nomination, and Alexandre Desplat (Philomena) his 6th, while Steven Price (Gravity) and William Butler and Owen Pallett (Her) earned their first Oscar nominations this year.

A film set in the silence of space requires a certain delicacy when creating the score, to highlight the quiet yet also create tension is no easy feat. Steven Price’s score for Gravity does just this, with abstract sounds and big violins that delivers on everything it sets out to do. Without this score, Gravity would never have been as good as it was, and for that Steven Price should win the Oscar.

  1. Gravity” — Steven Price
  2. Her” — William Butler and Owen Pallett
  3. The Book Thief” — John Williams
  4. Philomena” — Alexandre Desplat
  5. Saving Mr. Banks” — Thomas Newman