The Explanation, an exciting world premiere from James Fagan Tait, takes over the Vancity Culture Lab this April

In James Fagan Tait’s latest chamber play, ideas of gender and sexuality are questioned, as two characters, John and Dick, develop a friendship that might have other people raising some eyebrows. After all, when two straight men start spending every weekend together…and when one of them likes to wear women’s clothing, people start to expect an explanation.

Experience a Showcase of Powerful Work by Female Artists at the Cultch in Femme February

I am thrilled that we are able to present such a strong body of works by female artists this February. At The Cultch we are always mindful of gender equality and it was really important to me that we highlighted some of the amazing performance being created by women. The works that we have programmed are as different as the people that perform them, which is why I strongly suggest that you should see all three and attend our book launch and panel discussion on February 9. Come and enjoy these works of courage and innovation with us.