Bard’s 2018 season opened with madenning, intense Macbeth

Shakespeare’s Macbeth opened the 29th season of Bard on the Beach in an intense, classical rendition.

A ‘60s-Inspired, Beatles-Infused As You Like It Sparks the 29th Season of Bard on the Beach

For me, setting As You Like It in 1960s Vancouver felt like the perfect fit for Bard on the Beach. When I think of that time period, I feel an immense connection between The Beatles’ early music and the storyline of the play. The 25 Beatles songs we’ve chosen lend themselves perfectly to this romantic and spiritual story. The transition of The Beatles through the ‘60s is reminiscent of the free-spirited journey of the play’s main characters and the social and cultural evolution of Vancouver during that time. I was also inspired by memories of All-Star Wrestling in the heart of Vancouver – and I realized we could incorporate the laid-back environment of the Okanagan in the ‘60s to represent Shakespeare’s Forest of Arden. – Daryl Cloran