‘The Bachelorette’ 9.02 Has A Fake Wedding, Rapping, And Daddy Drama

Find out what I thought about all the dates and why my favourites changed here!

‘The Bachelorette’ 9.02 Has A Fake Wedding, Rapping, And Daddy Drama

’666 Park Avenue’ Episode 1.02 “Murmurations” Recap/Review

Last week, Jane and Henry moved into The Drake and became the Duran’s new project, Nona steals Jane’s necklace, Brian watches his neighbor Alexis, Louise is involved in an elevator accident, and a man settles his contract by being sucked into a wall.

Mr. Barlow, the man who tried to bring back his wife last week “suddenly moved away” so Jane is set onto the task of renovating his apartment. She quickly notices something weird on the opposite wall that leads her to open a hole and let out hundreds of birds into the room. How lucky that when they burst out of the windows Gavin was at the window to observe them purposefully flutter past. I don’t know why the concierge acts so friendly one second and really icy the next, she didn’t try to steal the job from him. Nona warns everybody against getting rid of the birds but to no avail. Later, the exterminator discovers hundreds more birds in a ventilation duct on none of the blueprints and starts demolishing the cement wall in the basement. Nona again tries to warn him against getting rid of the birds, but nobody cares about a 14 year olds opinion. Nona’s witchy-voodoo trick has her see his death before it occurs by birds attacking him and then getting struck by a taxi. Did she only see this happen, or make it happen?

While at the Doran’s party, Gavin tells Henry about a $100 million deal that he’s working on for a property. Henry later discovers that the plot next to Gavin’s is a toxic wasteland, but he doesn’t tell Gavin to not ruin his career. While at the party, Henry invited the Doran’s over for dinner causing added stress for Jane to make a delicious meal. While they’re over they discuss marriage plans and Jane’s murder discovery but Henry abstains from telling Gavin about what he learned of the deal. Later, Gavin and Henry discuss it and Gavin appears pleased that Henry passed his integrity test. Gavin tells Olivia that he expects Henry will become a hero throughout whatever he has planned. Oh how concerned I am for my sweet, sweet Henry.

Jane and Henry’s relationship is so lighthearted and fun.+5 points to Jane for the Tippy Hedren/Birds reference when describing the experience to Henry. It’s refreshing to have such comedy mixed in with all the dark, tense moments. Jane’s dreams were very informative this week. The first time, she got into the closed off door but woke up immediately after seeing the body of a murdered man in a Drake hotel room. She later finds a newspaper article under her door about the murdered man from 1956 and it spurs on another dream that night. This time, she discovered a woman from the hotel, Danielle, was the murderer in the 50s, but is still around now.

At the Doran’s party, Jane and Henry meet Danielle (Mili Avital) another tenant at the Drake. She’s a desperately lonely woman who will do anything for a man to want her. When she’s stood up on a date, Gavin has her meet Frank Alpern who takes her out the next night. Frank feigns interest in her for enough time to get back to her place before deciding to get back to his wife. Danielle’s rage comes into play and she quickly falls into Gavin’s trap. She kills Frank and upon realizing what has happened Gavin shows up and tells her that Frank cheated Gavin over in a business deal so Gavin used Danielle’s track record of 60 years of murdering men who hurt her to kill Frank off. As she’s sobbing from the memories and seeing herself as she truly is (an old woman) he promises that when she wakes she will be “a brand new woman” once again.

When Brian visits Louise after she was crushed by an elevator, he gets flustered by Alexis’ arrival. He’s really way too tempted by her. Louise is doing way too well to have received a crushed lung and concussion. I’m disappointed that she was fired because of it though, is that even legal? While trying to write his play a few days later he gets distracted by seeing Alexis across the way, but I guess her sultry waves aren’t helping at all. Why is there such a plan to seduce him? Has Gavin put her up to it? She doesn’t live in the Drake though… When he gets out of the shower later he finds Alexis in his apartment waiting for him. He tries to resist her advances but can’t contain himself. At least he looks guilty later when seeing Louise. As Louise returns home she finds a $300,000 cheque from Gavin, settling before she can even sue — smart man, but why? I expect it’s because of Gavin succumbing to temptation, but we shall see!

Right at the end of the episode, Jane goes down to the basement to check out how much cement had been demolished so far, and she finds herself able to open the door. After walking in slightly the door slam shuts leaving her screaming as it fades to black. What do you think will happen in the next episode? As Gavin had just been saying that he expects Henry to become a hero, maybe Henry will get involved trying to search for his girlfriend.

The next episode of 666 Park Avenue, ‘The Dead Don’t Stay Dead” airs Sunday at 10/9c on ABC.

’666 Park Avenue’ Episode 1.02 “Murmurations” Recap/Review

Survivor 25×02 “Don’t Be Blinded By The Headlights” – Recap/Review

Last episode, we met the veterans and new cast mates, caught up with Jeff, and saw Zane leave after Matsing lost the challenge. From last episode, my favourite was Malcolm.

Contestant Drama:

Matsing (blue):

Coming home from tribal and Russell can’t stop talking about how he thought he was going to be voted out. He says he wants to step back now, but that seems very doubtful. Angie and Malcolm are cuddling as it’s pouring rain outside. The first thing I thought of was Rob and Amber, and their romance that formed from it, but what is really occurring, is Angie manipulated Malcolm. Or as Malcolm referred to it, “booty blindness.” When Roxy discovers them she starts thinking about how to get rid of them, and she informs Russell of the information.

Tandang (yellow):

While checking to make sure the rice wasn’t getting moldy, RC finds the clue and shares it with Abi-Maria (AM). AM is concerned about the relationship between RC and Michael, and whens she confronts RC about it their relationship seems to be hurt by it. Someone needs to keep watch over Michael, he keeps injuring himself, it’s like he just wants the attention from it.

Kalabaw (red):

Jeff is one of the only people happy about the rain because it helps him deal with his knee. I really hope he’s able to continue on this show without it becoming a factor, because I like him. Jonathan is still obsessing over the immunity idol clue he found. After digging through the sand and making a bit of a mess of camp, he rethinks the clue’s wording of “right under your nose” which he realizes means it’s on the rise container. After finding the idol, Jonathan seems aware of the ways that many people go wrong because of cockiness and although he doesn’t say he won’t make those mistakes, he seems to have learned from them.


In groups of two, people must run out dragging a flat, pile it with puzzle pieces. After doing this three times, two people from the tribe (that have already done the dragging) then make the three puzzles. First place gets tarp and blankets, second gets a tarp, and third is forced to tribal council.

Matsing is just a hot mess with Russell and Angie dragging the flat until Malcolm pulls it all by himself on his round. He brings them from way last to second when starting the puzzles, but they drop back again when the other teams work better on their puzzles. At some point in this challenge every team has been behind and then picked it back up. Tandang finishes first, Kalabaw pulls it together in the final few seconds, and Matsing is going back to tribal. Russell starts ranting about how no one on his team is going 100% other than him, and they need to do better. Perhaps he just isn’t listening to his tribe.


Russell wants Roxy or Angie to leave, and as Roxy is his eyes and ears in camp he thinks about getting rid of Angie. Angie and Malcolm are concerned that they’ll be the ones to leave, and they want Roxy to leave because she doesn’t do anything. Malcolm recognizes the bad position that he’s put himself in, and hopes it doesn’t hurt him. Denise is the swing vote in this tribal and she sees reasons for voting out both.

Tribal Council:

Jeff asks what is the one thing Roxy could change about camp. Her response makes everyone a little uneasy, when she says that after losing challenges they need to stop working. Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what you should be doing? When posing the question to Angie, Jeff definitely didn’t expect her to say cookies. The ensuing expressions on Jeff and the rest of her tribe was hilarious. So dumbfounded by her response, it brought up even more tribal council drama. Roxy calls Angie and Malcolm out on their snuggling at night, which puts the pressure on Angie to dig herself out of this hole which she never really does. The animosity on this tribe is ridiculous. You need to be uniform to succeed, and they definitely are not that.

Thankfully, the votes went 4-1 Roxy. Although Angie may be as daft as a brush, her relationship with Malcolm doesn’t seem to be as awful as an inactive teammate. Did being dumb save Angie this time?

More Thoughts:

I feel like Michael’s injuries are just a form of him getting attention. It’s what he’s known for and it’s something that will bring everybody’s attention to him whether they like him or not. I don’t want him to get seriously injured again, but I also don’t want to deal with seeing these minor accidents either.

I don’t feel very confident that Matsing can pull it together and start winning challenges. Not to already think about the merge, but you need numbers when you go into or it’s a sure bet that you’ll lose out, and with Malcolm on a losing tribe that’s falling apart it doesn’t seem likely at the moment.

Next Episode:

Michael injures himself more, Russell starts losing hope in the game, and Lisa tries to figure out how to play.

What did you think of the episode?

Survivor 25×02 “Don’t Be Blinded By The Headlights” – Recap/Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap/Review

Last weeks episode of Bachelor Pad welcomed us to the world of drama, hookups, poolside living, and nonstop drinking. With couples already forming and many more yet to come, this episode looks to have more drama and tears than the last.

Every episode I have different favorite and hated players. Last week my favorites were Michael and Kalon, and I also liked Chris, Reid, and Paige (who went home) while I disliked the twins Brittany and Erica, and Ed and I was beginning to dislike Blakeley. I was unsure how I felt about Erica Rose because she is aggravating but also kind of entertaining with her honesty and catty-ness. I guess we shall see in the next few episodes. Normally my favorites are the guys that create the most drama or are terribly sweet.

Initial Thoughts:

They all walk in rather happy from last weeks rose ceremony. Emily Rose almost went home so of course she would be happy, but the woman who was sent home instead, Paige, leaves Reid displeased and Kalon pissed off because he hates ER.

The twins are still the most obnoxious people in the house. As Blakeley says, it’s like Jerry Springer. I don’t know if it’s the yelling or the way they speak. I need them to wear name tags so I can figure out which is which.

The Competition:

As the Olympics are upon us, this weeks challenge was centered around rhythmic gymnastics. After hearing this, you can imagine how the men reacted to such an activity. The best man and woman will get roses and dates while the worst man and woman get a vote against them for the coming rose ceremony. will They perform as groups of men or women and they have two hours to learn their choreography. It’s hilarious to watch everybody practice for their routines as almost everybody is AWFUL.

I still love Michael’s commentary about what goes on. We all knew the men were bad at the challenge, but he goes on to tell us that Ed and Reid are the worst: they clunk around like it’s walking, but a step below that. Then we see the women and they’re not any better. Donna, Jamie, and Blakeley are all the best but everybody else look like disasters waiting to happen. Of course, as Michael is saying that all the men are awful he is also picking up the routine quite easily.

As everybody goes inside to prepare for their performances they are faced with tight outfits full of Spandex. Isn’t it fun to be a gymnast? The girls are horrified by the outfits they have to wear, but then realize that if what they have is any indication, the guys will be quite interesting to watch as well. The men don’t even know how to put on the leotards. Former Bachelorette Ashley and her fiancé JP are two of the judges for this competition with a former Olympian. While watching the women perform Kalon makes his first awful remark of the episode (season?) and I’m so pleased. Yes, for the rest of the season there will be a Kalon-watch for amazing quotes such as “Shopping and gymnastics, what the f*ck else do you have to do with your life?” I don’t even have the thought to be offended by the things that he says, because I just love his nastiness in this show. Michael relates the girls to a preschool dance recital with ribbons, lowered down a level. Chris Harrison can’t even say good job to the girls. But then it’s the men’s performance next and they are amazing. Michael seems to be leading them with a count so they all stay in time and then reminders of what they’re doing next with cute pet names for the moves, and it was just incredible.

Erica Rose and Ed are the losers of the challenge, each with one vote against them going into the rose ceremony while Blakeley and Michael won the roses and dates.

The Romantic Date / Drama in the House:

Chris had been planning who he wanted to bring on a date if he won the challenge: Donna, to spice things up, Jamie, and Lindzi, but then once Blakeley won the rose and he didn’t he immediately decides that he’ll stay with Blakeley to stay in for longer. Such a conniving player, and I can’t say I dislike him for it. All the drama is so much more entertaining. Erica Rose goes off trying to find Michael asking him to take her on the date so he can save her which he says he knew he would have to do immediately once he got the rose. Both Michael and ER are veterans of this show, and although he thought strategically last season this time it is all for the “love connection.” Does this mean he isn’t bringing ER? That would probably make everybody quite happy. He takes Rachel, Lindzi, and Donna on the date to rock the night away leaving ER very angry.

Donna’s crush on Michael is so cute but when they’re dancing he doesn’t look into her like he used to look into Holly. Especially after we get comments on his dance with Rachel (romantic), it doesn’t look like Donna would be getting the safety rose. They’re dancing and being really playful and goofy which definitely shows that their being themselves around each other. Throw in the fact that she pulls him in for a kiss, and it’s no wonder she got the rose. While having his one on one time with Donna she shows him the drawing that she made of him, which could be really weird and awkward and embarrassing… But it wasn’t. He knows that she’s liked him forever so he tries to “fulfill a fantasy for her” by kissing her and then not giving her the rose. I feel like it might be worse that he kissed her and lead her on a bit without giving her the rose.

Back in the house, it’s Jamie’s birthday and her partner Ryan is going all out. He is so cute, he baked her a cake and put roses on her pillow with balloons and everything. It’s unfortunate because Ryan wants more than friendship from her while Jamie wants to hook up with Chris. Oh the drama once she finds out that Chris is staying partnered with Blakeley. In his journal Chris says that it isn’t normally one to sweet-talk a girl when he doesn’t mean it, but he is this time to stay in the game. Clearly he isn’t into Jamie or Blakeley, but he’s doing what “he has to” to win, I’m sure that won’t play out like he expects. Jamie is still confident in what she has with Chris… until she comes into her room that night and discovers Chris in Blakeley’s bed (the bunk under hers). Chris was so sure that he would be able to wrap Jamie around his finger, looks like that isn’t the case now. I’m glad that all alliances are based around the bedroom because that isn’t a stupid way to make your strategy.

As Blakeley won the challenge, she got a group date with three men. Chris automatically assumed that he was going on the date and he desperately tried to convince her not to bring Dave, one of the fans, on the date with her but she ended up choosing him and Ed as well as Chris, angering her partner to no end. The four of them go on a date soapbox racing. As they’re decorating their cars Ed is having a really fun time making his creative and I love that he’s just having a fun time. He also doesn’t seem to have any problem with Dave while Chris positively hates him. Ed ends up winning the derby and it was so cute. He is so relaxed and doesn’t care about anything so it’s just funny that he won. After Dave makes a play to give her all of his votes, she still gives the rose to Chris.

Once they get back from their date everybody is getting a little frisky. Two girls are making out, Lindzi and another girl are in bed with Kalon, Rachel and Michael, and Dave and a twin, and then Ed being crazy once again. Ed and Sarah hook up and he is being crazy and calling unneeded attention to them. I still think that Lindzi and Kalon are so cute right now, they’re just cuddled up under a blanket together with his arm around her. They slept in the same bed that night and it’s still just so cute.

With more twin drama, I just can’t handle them. I’m so happy when we don’t see them so hopefully they’ll leave tonight. One of them is complaining because she is being called a slut and the other one is crying because of something else. Everybody in the house is so angry because they’re being loud as everyone is trying to sleep. If I’m frustrated with hearing it then I can’t even imagine how the girls are feeling. As all the women sleep in one room and the men sleep in another room I would just go find a guy to cuddle up beside so I wouldn’t have to see it. Instead of saying Bachelor Pad it sounds like she’s saying Bazzr Pad. Really?

As Erica T and Brittany are fighting Erica (I think) decides that it’s better to just leave and listen to the sister because their fighting will never end otherwise. As she walks past Kalon and Lindzi’s bed to say goodbye to Dave, Kalon says bye to the girl. After she leaves Lindzi asks him which girl it was and he doesn’t even know. At least we won’t have to deal with them anymore. Does this mean that they won’t be sending any girl home this week? That would definitely save ER. Dave is devastated that they left because of strategy and him being the only fan. Do we all forget that Donna is a fan too?

Men Staying:

  1. Michael
  2. Chris
  3. Kalon
  4. Reid
  5. Nick
  6. Tony
  7. David
  8. Ed

Women Staying:

  1. Blakeley
  2. Rachel
  3. Jamie
  4. Lindzi
  5. Jocelyn
  6. Sarah
  7. Erica Rose
  8. Donna

More Comments:

Have the producers decided that adding fans into the mix was a bad idea yet? Clearly they’re all being voted off at the beginning and people dislike him and it’s really ridiculous. Please never do that again?

What did you think of the episode?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap/Review