Bard on the Beach shines in opening of beautiful The Winter’s Tale


Bard on the Beach premiered their second show of the season, The Winter’s Tale, last week on the BMO Mainstage. Set in Sicilia and Bohemia with a large cast of strong characters, a wonderful minimalist set, beautiful costumery, and fantastic puppetry, Bard is showcasing their best. Continue reading


The Tempest joins 25th Anniversary season at Bard on the Beach


Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival continues its 25th Anniversary season with the magical romance The Tempest. The production is on stage Tuesdays through Sundays on the BMO Mainstage, in Bard’s 733-seat custom-built Mainstage Theatre tent in Vanier Park, from June 12 to September 18, 2014. Director Meg Roe returns to Bard on the Beach with a re-imagining of her hugely-popular 2008 production of the play.

Magic and intrigue are at the heart of this fantastical romance. Prospero, a magician and the exiled Duke of Milan, lives on an enchanted island with his daughter Miranda, the spirit Ariel, and the slave Caliban. Prospero escaped years ago to the island, fleeing from his usurping brother Antonio, and Alonso, King of Naples. Now he’s conjured up a storm that shipwrecks his old enemies on the island’s shores. As Ariel and Prospero weave their magic, new alliances form, murder plots brew, and romance blossoms between Miranda and King Alonso’s son Ferdinand.

The Tempest features Allan Morgan as Prospero and Lili Beaudoin as his daughter Miranda. Jennifer Lines is the spirit Ariel and Todd Thomson plays the mean-spirited Caliban. Those shipwrecked on the island include Ian Butcher as Prospero’s brother Antonio, Scott Bellis as Alonso King of Naples, Bernard Cuffling as Gonzalo, Andrew McNee as Sebastian, and Kyle Rideout as Francisco. Daniel Doheny plays Prince Ferdinand, the love-struck son of Alonso. Adding humour are Luisa Jojic and Naomi Wright as the drunken courtiers Stephana and Trincula, who team up with Caliban. Allan Zinyk is the Boatswain who steers the ship through the storm along with fellow mariners Chirag Naik and John Voth, while Claire Hesselgrave, Sereana Malani and Adele Noronha play the Sprites that inhabit this magical island.

Scenic Designer Pam Johnson takes her inspiration from the sea, and the stage is enveloped with curved edges and crafted with open playing spaces. Costume Designer Christine Reimer dresses the shipwrecked courtiers in Jacobean attire, and has designed fantastical, island-inspired costumes for the Spirits and Shapes. More island magic will be brought to life by Heidi Wilkinson, Head of Properties. Alessandro Juliani has composed an original score for a string quartet, on stage at every performance, to evoke both the supernatural as well as the romantic world of the play. Malcolm Dow is the Sound Design Assistant for this production. The music is performed live on stage by Mark Beaty (bass and musical director), Molly MacKinnon (violin), Isabelle Roland (viola), Marcus Takizawa (viola) and Erin Kathleen Wong (violin). Gerald King’s lighting design heightens the sense of magic and romance, while Movement Choreographer Rob Kitsos and Fight Director Nicholas Harrison oversee the island antics. Production Stage Manager Stephen Courtenay is assisted by Kelly Barker (Assistant Stage Manager) and Anthony Wade-Cooper (Apprentice Stage Manager). Apprentice Director for The Tempest is Mack Gordon.

Performance details for The Tempest are as follows:
Previews: June 12, 13, 14, 19, 25, 26; OPENS: Friday June 27. ALL evening performances begin at 7:30pm.
Runs Tuesdays through Sundays from June 12 to September 18 – on the BMO Mainstage in Vanier Park.
Bard-B-Q & Fireworks July 30 @ 4:30pm (NEW START TIME). The Tempest plus salmon barbecue, post-dinner entertainment & fireworks viewing. (July 26 & August 2 Bard-B-Q events: performance is A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
Plays in repertory with A Midsummer Night’s Dream which begins in previews June 11.
Play ticket prices (adults) include all fees & taxes and are $47 (evenings) and $33 to $35 (previews, matinees and long weekend evenings) with a $27 Global BC Youth Rate (6-25 years, all play performances). Early Bird regular adult tickets are priced at $43 to May 30. Prices for special events, groups and multi-play ticket package discounts can be found on the Bard website. Early booking is recommended for best seat selection (all seats are reserved) and because many performances sell out in advance. The performance schedule and information can be found on the Bard website at For more information and tickets, call 604-739-0559 or (toll free) 1-877-739-0559 or order online through the Bard website.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Opens Bard on the Beach’s 25th Anniversary Season


Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary with the return of Shakespeare’s magical comedy A Midsummer Night’s DreamDream was presented during Bard’s inaugural season in 1990. Dean Paul Gibson(Associate Artistic Director, Bard on the Beach) reimagines this Shakespearean classic following his successful 2006 production. A Midsummer Night’s Dream It plays Tuesdays through Sundays in Bard’s 733-seat custom-built Mainstage Theatre tent in VanierPark from June 11 to September 20, 2014.


A Midsummer’s Night Dream is a delicious tale of meddling fairies, star-crossed lovers, royal engagements, and muddled tradesmen caught up in chaos. The most popular comedy in Shakespeare’s canon, this side-splittingly hilarious romp has love on the loose in a world of sprites, elves and nymphs.


Oberon, King of the Fairies (Ian Butcher) is upset with his Queen Titania (Naomi Wright) and commands the mischievous fairy Puck (Kyle Rideout) to charm her with a nectar that causes love-at-first-sight. Puck arranges for Titania to become beguiled by a simple weaver named Bottom (Scott Bellis) whom he has transformed into an ass. Meanwhile at court, Hermia (Claire Hesselgrave) loves Lysander (Chirag Naik) but her father, Egeus (Todd Thomson), insists she marry Demetrius (Daniel Doheny), who in turn is loved by spurned Helena (Sereana Malani). They run away to the forest where Puck further entangles their affections using the magic potion. Adding to the humour are a group of bumbling tradesmen – Peter Quince (Bernard Cuffling), Starveling (Allan Morgan), Snout (Andrew McNee), Flute (Haig Sutherland) and Snug (Allan Zinyk) – who are rehearsing a play they hope to present at court. The play is to be staged at the imminent nuptials of Duke Theseus (John Voth) and the Amazon Queen, Hippolyta (Adele Noronha). Queen Titania’s fairies include Lili Beaudoin and Luisa Jojic.


Scenery Designer Kevin McAllister has created a dream within a dream by crafting an arched and enclosed set, giving celestial views for the players and the audience while still highlighting Vancouver’s scenery.  Mara Gottler’s costume designs crystallize Gibson’s “collision of periods” with a vibrant mix of modern and period looks incorporating styles from the circus, the ballet and Victorian England. Gerald King’s lighting will reinforce the magic and the drama with effects that extend right into the audience.Alessandro Juliani and Meg Roe’s sound design includes fanciful original music with a collision of genres, while Nicholas Harrison’s fight choreography will bring precision and humour to the on-stage tussles. Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg is the movement consultant.  Magical and colourful props will be designed by Heidi Wilkinson. Production Stage Manager Stephen Courtenay is assisted by Kelly Barker (Assistant Stage Manager) and Anthony Wade-Cooper (Apprentice Stage Manager). Apprentice Director for Dream is Michelle Boulet.


Performance details for A Midsummer’s Night Dream are as follows:

  • Previews: June 11, 15, 17, 18, 20; OPENS: Saturday, June 21
  • Runs Tuesdays through Sundays from June 11 to September 20 on the BMO Mainstage in Vanier Park
  • Plays in repertory with The Tempest which begins in previews June 12
  • Bard-B-Q & Fireworks July 26 & August 2 @ 4:30pm, Play plus salmon barbecue, post-dinner entertainment & fireworks viewing. (July 30 BMO Mainstage play performance is The Tempest)
  • Celebrating Red & White – wine event between play performances on August 16


Play ticket prices (adults) include all fees & taxes and are $47 (evenings) and $33 to $35 (previews, matinees and long weekend evenings) with a $27 Global BC Youth Rate (6-25 years, all play performances). Early Bird regular adult tickets are priced at $43 toMay 30. Prices for special events, groups and multi-play ticket package discounts can be found on the Bard website. Early booking is recommended for best seat selection (all seats are reserved). The performance schedule and information can be found on the Bard website at For more information and tickets, call 604-739-0559 or (toll free) 1-877-739-0559 ororder online through the Bard website.