Oscars 2017 – Best Picture

This is it: the last award. The show is tomorrow where we’ll finally know what the academy has been thinking, but first, we have to make one.final.prediction. This is the big one, that everyone in film wants to win and every award show lover wants to have seen.

Oscars 2017 – Best Actress

When the Oscar nominations first got announced, one of my biggest griping points was this category. How did Amy Adams not get nominated, but Meryl Streep added to her already impressive list for Florence Foster Jenkins.

Oscars 2017 – Best Film Editing

Film editing is a post production process focused on how each shot in a film is cut together to create the scenes. This is important to create a cohesive final product and provide the pacing the script and director desires for the film. Furthermore, the actor’s performance can be dictated by the choice of shots used and how they are put together which can make or break a performance.

Oscars 2017 – Best Cinematography

Cinematography is an important part of creating a film. Cinematographers are the people behind the lens, and they need to have a vision or idea of what the movie needs to look like. In connection with the director they’re deciding how to frame each shot, how to use their lighting to produce the right feeling in audiences, and most importantly, they need to create meaning in the images they’re taking.