For the first time in Vancouver: New Zealand’s premier circus troupe arrives with Goblin Market


This October, New Zealand circus troupe, The Dust Palace, is taking over the York Theatre with the sumptuous circus production, The Goblin Market. Christina Rossetti’s poem of dangerous and delicious temptation comes to life with daring circus acts. Masterfully blending feats of spectacle with candid and gritty storytelling, performers Eve Gordon, Rochelle Mangan, and Edward Clendon transport audiences with this captivating story of two sisters; their temptation, sacrifice and eventual salvation. Including nudity and sexual scenes, this adults only circus production plates up a tantalizing evening of entertainment.  Eat fruit. Love lust.

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Bachelor 18: JuanP Is ‘Honest’ and Chooses Nikki (+ The Next Bachelorette)



If I hear JuanP talk about being honest one more time, I might strangle him. Andi hated him saying “it’s okay”? Well I think everyone watching The Bachelor has had it with his excuse for being a dick.

The episode started off with both of the girls meeting JuanP’s large family. What was most telling of whole season was his family asking if the girls were really ready to deal with JuanP. I think his mum summed it up when she constantly told Clare that he could be quite rude. Nikki had previously met JuanP’s parents, baby mama, and daughter Camilla so it was a much less awkward greeting when she first walked in. While Clare tried to shake Camilla’s hand, Nikki got cheek kisses from both the young girls.

After those weird family dates we went straight into the final 1on1 dates of the season, first with Clare and then Nikki. Clare’s date got off to a rocky start as they went to a hill in a helicopter where JuanP said something rude and crude to her which made her realize he probably only cared about a physical connection. In the evening, she cried before they sat down to discuss what he said. He was just being honest and didn’t seem to know what he’d done wrong. Then he proceeded to blaming Clare for their steamy make out sessions, yet somehow convinced her to stay. Nikki’s date seemed to be much smoother yet it still ended with her getting emotional. He was honest about not being sure about her, but then she showed him letters and photos she’d framed to be all cute.

With no Chris Harrison discussions during this finale episode, I have to assume it’s because Harrison just really hated JuanP. That was obvious during the After the Final Rose. Anyway the Final Rose… Clare showed up first, meaning she was being sent home, and after spilling her love for him he told her she wasn’t right for him. He tried to go in for the hug but she held him off and finally stood up for herself and became one of the best parts of the season. Despite my casual dislike of her through much of the season, she really won back points when she said she’d lost respect for him and would never want him to be the father of her children. Good on her. Nikki came up next, and as he was doing the normal ring-fiddling scene we expected him to propose. Instead, he honestly told her that he liked her a lot but wasn’t completely sure and didn’t want to propose until he was. He did give her the rose which she foolishly accepted but even though this was the time for saying you love the other person, he just kept up with liking her a lot.

The After the Final Rose really kept up with the same ridiculous phrasing as he repeatedly said he was honest and refused to say he loved her because it was “private.” He’s on a national TV show and he expects things to be private? He must be crazy… Normally the runner up gets a chance to talk with JuanP at the beginning of the show, but she smartly refused, stating that she already had her closure and didn’t care about him anymore. I don’t even know what to say about this season… I definitely second Chris Harrison’s thoughts that it was a bust of a season, and I’m happy it’s over with. I’m also looking forward to the inevitable breakup of JuanP and Nikki, and to hear her side of it once it’s over. She didn’t speak one word while he was out and he had his arm around her like he was possessive, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a bit abusive to her (emotionally or physically). I hope it isn’t the case, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Kind of like how Jake Pavelka gave me the same feelings a couple seasons ago.

In the end, Andi was announced as the next Bachelorette, and I can’t say I’m as displeased about this as I expected. I know I didn’t really like her during the season, but they always grow on me initially and then fall apart at the end. Hopefully she has a good crop of men show up to seduce her!

The Bachelorette with Andi premieres on ABC on May 19! For all our Bachelor 18 posts, click here!

Bachelor 18: Hometowns Bring BBQ, Guns, and Crazy Sisters



After Sharleen and Chelsie left, JuanP traveled to the remaining women’s hometowns. Of course, you always have the perfectly happy made-for-TV families with the big homes and approving family members, but at least one family needs to have the crazy relatives. This season, Clare and Andi provided the drama while Nikki and Renee seem perfect. I’m always curious what order they actually go in, because I’m sure that factors into his decision and how he acts a little bit. Since they were just in Miami, I’d assume Renee was first as she was closest, so they had a longer cooling off period then the other girls. I’m not saying he only likes the girls that are in front of him, but maybe I am a little?

First up, JuanP heads to Nikki’s hometown of Kansas City. She seemed overly concerned that he wouldn’t like BBQ food, but who doesn’t like BBQ food? He immediately chows down and it’s the first big eating of the season. That’s always a big moment and it normally comes near hometowns (Catherine + Sean anyone?). Meeting her family was a breeze, everyone seemed to immediately like him and induct him into the family. They can’t seriously have that big of a house, can they? Nikki’s only problem? She just couldn’t get out those three little words. Will this be her downfall? She has a good shot of winning this whole thing: she briefly met his daughter/family, she had a good hometown, and she got the first rose at the end of episode ceremony.

JuanP went to Atlanta for his date with Andi where she had him shooting guns. For comedic effect we see Andi get a bullseye on her first one and him missing a bunch of shots. Not even hitting the sheet. Funny, but then she pulls out the big guns and he doesn’t get to use them… he definitely outmatched on this date. Admittedly, she is a bad dancer so I guess they can’t both be good at everything. I don’t know why we needed to see her dancing again, but seeing her mum show her up was a nice bit of payback. Immediately when JuanP walked in there seemed to be tension. Andi’s dad wasn’t having any of his BS playful banter and you could tell he was nervous. Later, when they went out for a chat they seemed to be doing alright, but then the dad laid down the law. JuanP can’t get approval for a proposal on the condition that he chooses Andi in the end. He has to have decided only Andi is the one for him and then they can discuss approval. It isn’t the most dramatic of the episode, but it definitely was the type of over the top excitement that the producers want us to think of as the correct response. Although it was an iffy family encounter, it sure wasn’t the worst one (from the audience perspective at least) and she still got the final rose at the end of episode rose ceremony.

1That final rose was between Andi and Renee. It’s hard to see where they went wrong this episode because everything went so smoothly, but I guess JuanP realized there wasn’t as much there as with some of the other girls. JuanP and Renee went to the beach for a cute picnic and chat before heading over to her son’s Little League game. They seemed like the perfect, cute couple. Watching the game, cheering… all smiles. It’s what their relationship would probably consist of. Then, he met Ben, they played a little catch, and went back to meet the family. Everything was civil and happy. Renee was totally in love with JuanP but had the same problem as Nikki and just couldn’t get it out. It was interesting to see basically the exact same conversation between Renee and JuanP as what happened earlier with Nikki. They were both thinking “lots of things” but just couldn’t say it. In the end, I guess he just didn’t think it would work out.

It’s nice to see Renee open up and be such a fun, genuine girl on the show though. I don’t know if she’d want to leave her kid for another couple of months to do the Bachelorette, but she has my vote. However, the producers probably don’t want another person with a kid.

Clare’s hometown in Sacramento was the most dramatic of the episode, but she had to learn her dramatic flair somewhere. It was all well and fine as they met up in a park to chat about her father, how they had their father/daughter wedding dance before he died, so she’d at least get to have it, and how he’d never be more than a stones throw away. After getting JuanP all emotional they feed some geese and head over to her massive family of girls. She’s the youngest of 6 girls so it’s understandable that some of them would be protective, however Laura was a bit on the crazy side. Constantly hovering around their mum so Clare couldn’t have a private chat, sticking her nose in to say they don’t approve of this situation… it ruined it for Clare, which is understandable. Later, when JuanP went off to talk with the mother, Laura had to follow once again, but he was able to handle her quite well. I don’t know what he really said, other than a few pleasantries about their father, but it seemed to pacify Laura. In the end, Clare got a rose and said she could be in the process of falling for JuanP. That’s quite a bit behind Nikki, but maybe one week will give her a push in her desire for the ring.

The fantasy suite episode airs tonight, same time same place, as each of the girls have their respective breakdowns. Are all the girls crying about the same thing? Probably not, though the episode description does mention one contender pays a surprise visit which could mean one of two things. Either one of the three girls shows up to ruin someone else’s date or Sharleen comes back because she “made a mistake by leaving.” JuanP seemed really into Sharleen, so that might change things for him. Either way, can we finally hope for some Chris Harrison discussion time? I’m really missing out on that this season!

What do you think will happen, and who do you think JuanP will end up choosing? Enter our poll and let us know in the comments below!

Bachelor 18: Sharleen loses interest in Juan Pablo



In a surprise twist, the remaining women flew from New Zealand to JuanP’s hometown of Miami to see where he’ll want them to move to. This week the only rose up for grabs before the final cocktail party was on the group date, so one on ones were merely to further their connections with him.

After so many weeks of Sharleen’s uninteresting time with JuanP, she finally dealt with it head on. It’s obvious to everyone but JuanP that she’s uninterested in him. She wasn’t excited about getting the first date of the week and clearly finds him boring (“we’re missing this cerebral connection”) while he thinks she might be “The One.” I don’t know why he’s so interested in her, probably because she can’t stop sticking her tongue down his throat while they’re on their yacht date.

Next up, JuanP brings Nikki on an important date to his daughter Camilla’s dance recital. Not only does she meet his daughter, but she’ll also come into contact with his parents and his baby mama. Probably not the best date to spring on someone, but Nikki does really well and is sure she’ll get a rose later at the cocktail party. The flowers they made for Camilla were really quite awful. Was there parsley in that?

The first big drama of the night comes when Sharleen sits all the girls down to tell them she’s leaving. Host Chris Harrison is taking a real backseat role this season, he isn’t even going to the girls during their big decisions to console them. Or to JuanP later, when he learns of her decision and cries about it after sending her away. Maybe we’ll hear about it in upcoming episodes, but he really tried to brush it off like he didn’t care the next day.

Clare, Renee, Chelsie, and Andi all flew off for a picnic with JuanP where the girl who got a rose would join him in the evening for the second portion of the date. Chelsie brings out the family letters and Clare reminds JuanP of the DVD her dad made for her future husband. However, neither of those convinced him to meet their families, and he instead chose Andi, who got a rehash of Sharleen’s baseball field makeout date. Maybe it’s just baseball fields, or perhaps it’s JuanP, but those kisses were just so awkward.

While Andi was out with JuanP, the rest of the girls went home so Clare and Nikki could start up their fighting again. It was all very boring fighting, especially as almost all of it was bleeped out, but we got some good ole awkward silences during the cocktail party the next night. Crank up the cricket noises, leave the cameras on, and sit back to watch the two of them sit in sullen silence. Luckily Chris Harrison made an appearance soon after JuanP sat down because the silence even then was a bit overwhelming. Could none of the girls be bothered to start a simple conversation to keep the evening moving along?

Anyway, Chelsie ended up getting the boot and making a classy exit while drama ensues for the final few episodes. On Monday we see the dramatic family nights where Clare’s family sees the real hates JuanP, then Tuesday is fantasy suite night where “what happens in the fantasy suite doesn’t stay in the fantasy suite” (did anyone actually expect it to??), everyone cries, and it gets down to the final two. Monday after is the Women Tell All where all the previous rivalries come out and we learn who the next Bachelorette will be, if they’re doing another season. My vote is on Nikki, if she doesn’t make it through.

Bachelor 18: Cassandra Has a Bad Birthday



Last episode, Clare and Juan Pablo went out into the ocean for some sexy time before JuanP turned it against Clare, pushing all the blame for his guilt onto her. This week, JuanP led his eight remaining women to New Zealand for a group date and 2 one on ones as he pushed for more tears from Clare.

Andi gets the first one on one of the week and they immediately strip down to their swimsuits to make their way through “the squeeze” to a waterfall where Andi talks to the camera about how trusting their relationship is. In the evening they go to a geyser (cue the puns) and then kiss until the geyser gets them wet.

Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat, and Cassandra go zorbing on the group date. Cassandra’s desperate for one on one time with him as it’s her birthday, but she keeps missing out as others steal him away. When she finally does get her time, she breaks out the emotional talk about their children but he ends up realizing she isn’t for him, sending her home at the end of the date.
Nikki goes out of her comfort zone to tell JuanP just how she feels about him. She’s the first girl to tell him flat out that she’s falling for him which is a big move. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Sharleen is still unsure about her feelings for JuanP but all she needs is a little make out sesh to set her straight again. Lucky for her, the confusion seems to work for him because she got the rose.

After Clare’s dramatic ocean swim from last episode, she gets the second one on one to sort things out. They immediately focused on the issue and talked through it in a rather mature way (for this show) before going for their make up out. In the evening, they curl up at a fancy house and pull out the sweatpants. I think it’s nice that there’s a relaxing, chill date night, because it’s rare for this show to have something so unspectacular. They get some cute dancing scenes when he puts on the first song they ever listened to, which impresses Clare even though the producers probably did it, not JuanP.

Andi (1on1), Sharleen (group), Clare (1on1), Nikki, Renee, and Chelsie stay on as they go to Miami next week. Sharleen is still doubting her relationship with JuanP, does she finally decide to go home?