Best Picture — 2018 Oscar Picks

I’ve been going back and forth on this category for a while now. Should I just pick my favourite movie, even though I don’t think it will actually end up the winner? Should I look at the stats and base it on other categories? This is one category that doesn’t seem completely decided just yet.

Oscars 2017 – Best Documentary Feature

This year’s documentaries have a strong racial focus, as frontrunners OJ: Made in America and 13th, as well as I am Not Your Negro all take on different parts of black consciousness in America. Unless the Academy rejects OJ’s roots as a TV five part series, this should win handily after picking up the majority of awards so far this season.

Oscars Debate: Best Picture

Much has been speculated about this year’s big winner at the Oscars, and people have been going back and forth on who they think will win. Here’s our breakdown of the top eight, and they they each have going for them.

Best Director is a Close Race

Opinion has been swinging back and forth on projected winners during award season this year, with the current choice seemingly between Mad Max’s Miller and The Revenant’s Iñárritu. But let’s take a step back and go through the process leading up to where we are now.