Random Netflix TV Night: Friends, season one


Classes are back in session (well, a new school venture for me!) and with that, I’m rewatching all of Friends again to procrastinate. I’ve watched this show so many times over, and I love it just as much each time. I’m always finding something new to love and think about, so what better place to talk about it than here? Continue reading


Random Netflix TV Night: F is for Family, seasons 1+2


When F is for Family was first added to Netflix I immediately sat down to give it a watch. It was vulgar, emotional, and real, so I was excited to see a second season show up on recently.

This time around, we start as Frank has been unemployed for three weeks and the family has to cope with depression, not enough money, and being at each other’s throats. Check out my full review below! Continue reading

Random Netflix TV Night: Riverdale, episode one


Riverdale is the new CW show trying to give Archie and his gang a darker spin. Think Pretty Little Liars meets Dawson’s Creek, meets absolutely every other teen high-school drama ever. With a hell of a lot of soap.

Archie and Betty are best friends, she pines after him but he’s hot for teacher and the new girl who moved to town. Veronica is that new girl who becomes instant-friends with Betty, making her impending relationship with Archie very difficult. Oh, and a classmate was murdered on July 4th as well. There’s so much going on that could make this a really fun, dark high school drama but it still feels too light – like the writers don’t know how to lean into the dark-and-twisty of their show. Continue reading

Random Netflix Movie Night – London Has Fallen fails to impress


Gerard Butler is back in his Secret Service role, this time in to protect his president (Aaron Eckhart) in London. Critics almost exclusively panned this movie for its unimaginative plot and I can’t help but agree. It is so.horribly.bad.

Early exposition to explain who the bad guy is sucks. It’s such a lazy way to introduce characters, and it’s even worse when it’s for background on why the conflict is going to happen. The usual xenophobic bad guys are also getting to be really frustrating. Can’t we differentiate? Why not have a Commonwealth enemy, or someone from the European Union? That could be interesting, but then you’d have to actually think about motives.

The entire plot is so contrived. The American President isn’t the only highly guarded government official in the world. The screenwriters completely circumvent all regular protocols the Secret Service would take to keep the president safe, and when they focus on the intense security measures they don’t actually show anything impressive. Mirrors to look under a car are pretty old school, and don’t really constitute security for the world’s royals, presidents, prime ministers, and other government officials. It’s like they’re taking ideas directly from a bunch of bad 1990s action movies you only watch on TV.

Clearly, I wouldn’t recommend this movie. The first one was at least a bit enjoyable, but I’d much rather re-watch White House Down.

Random Netflix TV Night – The Ranch, part 2


Part 2 of season 1 is all about relationships. The brothers got over their feuds and have bonded again. It’s great getting to see Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson continue their long-lived on-screen friendship in this show, especially as Wilmer Valderrama joins the cast as an old friend for a few episodes. At least we know where he’s from in this show, too. Continue reading

Random Netflix Movie Night: Cabin in the Woods – Or How it is So Overrated


Cabin in the Woods made a big splash when it was released because of its big twist and the play on genre conventions, but… the twist isn’t great or surprising, and director Joss Whedon doesn’t use conventions that intelligently. Continue reading

Random Netflix TV Night – Scream Halloween Special *spoilers*


I just recapped the whole second season of Scream, but MTV put out a very special 2 hour Scream Halloween Special this week which I just needed to talk about. Below is a spoiler-heavy review.

First, for an update on the characters… Kieran is given 10 life sentences, but is killed by a different (new? old?) masked villain at the start. Brooke and Stavo are cutesy-coupley, which is what I’ve wanted to see all season. Audrey even has a new girlfriend, Gina. Emma is… well, she’s Emma. Noah and Stavo have been writing graphic novels, and it was nice to see them bonded since the drama of the season. Continue reading

Random Netflix TV Night: Scream season2


Season one ended after Piper was unmasked as the Scream killer, so who’s under the mask this time?

Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) is back after a mental breakdown in school just after first season ended, but she’s pretty unstable at the start here too. Fitzgerald plays it well, but seems to be taking too dramatic of a turn. I enjoyed season one, partly because it didn’t take itself too seriously. This time, it feels like I can’t watch as lightheadedly. Continue reading

Random Netflix Movie Night – Red


RED follows Bruce Willis and a group of retired, and extremely dangerous ex-CIA spies, including Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren. Their adventures take them to Russian embassies, secret file rooms in CIA headquarters, and to presidential events as they uncover a long-hidden plot in a Guatemalan town.

Willis also has a much younger love interest (Mary-Louise Parker), who he initially abducts. All for her own good of course, because bad guys are coming after the woman he loves. Ha.Ha. Ha. Of course, that’s supposed to be funny but isn’t the damsel in distress played out? They do try to turn it around. Parker is given a larger role than most damsels, and gains strength as she learns more about this ex-CIA operative world.

Karl Urban is a fun villain for most of the movie, but he could have done a lot more with a bigger role that actually utilized his acting chops. Ultimately, the movie is about the group of old school spies, and not the new enemy, but it’s still a shame to waste such an entertaining actor.

Overall, this movie is a lot of fun. Not as great as the Expendables movies, because there’s only one old-school action hero in RED and they can’t play on each actor’s filmography in the same way, but it has fun potential.

RED is on Netflix and other streaming services.