RNMN: Alex Strangelove is a sweet, unassuming teen comedy

It’s not a perfect movie or script, and at times it’s a little awkward or stilted, but overall this movie is a great teen romcom. I would have loved this and identified with it when growing up, even though I wasn’t questioning myself in the same way. It just embodies the teen experience in a lot of subtle ways.

Random Netflix Movie Night: Good Luck Chuck

In the course of two short interactions, Alba knocks over a waiter’s full tray, pours candle wax down the front of Cook’s pants, destroys her front teeth, causes a scalpel to be lodged in Cook’s back, drains the battery in her car, electrocutes Cook, rips her skirt off in a car door, ruins the convertible top of Cook’s car, locks herself out of her homeā€”and that’s all before their first ‘date’.