Encounter brings the best physical theatre from India to the York Theatre


Presented with Diwali in BC as part of this year’s Diwali celebrations, Navarasa Dance Theater’s Encounter is a provocative performance blending daring physical theatre with bold storytelling. Inspired by award-winning writer Mahasweta Devi’s short story, and using acrobatics and original music, Encounter is the story of an indigenous  woman, Dopdi, her defiance against injustice, and her communities’ struggle to uphold their indigenous way of life. It is a story that the world can relate to, a story about being the underdog and standing up to injustice. Written by Navarasa Dance Theater’s founders S.M. Raju and Aparna Sindhoor, Encounter is a passionate story of female power that delves into the struggles and challenges of the indigenous communities of India.

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