‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap/Review

With four couples left, this episode is the one that decides who will go into the finals.

None of my former favourites are left, so I guess this time I will say that Blakeley and Tony are my favourite because they have a successful relationship (so far). For that reason, I also like Sarah and Chris right now.

The Competition:

For the first competition, the winning group does not get roses. Instead, everybody must pack their bags as the winner gets to decide a couple to go home. ‘Hanging by a thread’ is the challenge. One half of the couple sits above the pool on a seat. The second half of the couple sits and answers Bachelor Pad trivia. Every wrong answer to the trivia questions results in one rope being cut. After three of the six ropes are cut, the person above the pool is hanging by their hands on a trapeze bar. The last person hanging on to their bar (or sitting) wins. Tony’s ropes are cut first, then Sarah, and lastly Ed and they fall in order. Chris loses only one rope as Ed falls, making Chris and Sarah win the challenge. The Sarah/Chris relationship and team is doing really well.

Their prize is to send a team home, and they choose Blakeley and Tony. I’m quite disappointed by who they sent home as I had just said that I liked their team best. When Chris says something to each of the teams as to reasons to send them home… Chris said worse things about the other two teams than about them, but oh well. It’s really cute that Tony gets in her limo as well. Looks like I don’t have to wonder whether Blakeley and Tony are back together though, as – without any spoilers – we’ll find out more on the finale!

The second challenge of the episode results in roses for the winning couple, and the decision as to who joins them in the finale. If you want annoying sounds emanating from your TV, then this is the challenge for you! A big scale karaoke competition at the Hollywood Paladium of the song Sister Christian by Night Ranger. The judges? Night Ranger. Well isn’t that nerve-wracking. At least they get a day to prepare?

Everybody says they’re awful at singing, but you know that at least one person is going to turn out to be reasonably okay. Ed immediately starts planning different creative moves to enhance their performance, and as he knows this song really well from listening to it all the time he probably has an edge. Ed and Jaclyn seemed to be the best at first, but as they continue they start to go downhill. Chris says that Sarah can’t sing, but he isn’t too much better. Sarah went from confidently thinking she was okay but actually not being that good, to being terribly self conscious of how bad she is and not wanting to sing anymore. Nick and Rachel don’t even know the words of the song, so I don’t really know how they’ll succeed with that one. Everybody gets a vocal coach which is good, but I can’t help but feel sorry for those coaches. How out of work were they to get this gig?

When they pull up to the theatre on the night of their performance there’s a bunch of girls in front cheering for them and their names are on the marquee. Such an exciting night for them. Sarah writes lyrics on Chris’ arms incase he forgets the words which is a good idea… but even he thinks he’ll sweat it off. All of the hairspray and eyeliner and 80s clothes… Oh such a wonderful challenge.

And the performances begin. The costumes are entertaining, and my favourite is definitely Rachel’s: a sparkly midriff baring top and leather jacket, jean shorts, and ? So cute. The first performance is Rachel and Nick. I can’t imagine how terrifying this would be, I definitely couldn’t do it. Her voice is decent, but her voice is quite spacey. They seem to be having a bunch of fun, and Nick really pulls out a good rock persona. Nothing seemed very noteworthy though. Jaclyn and Ed perform next. His crazy blond hair is ridiculous and it makes me want to cry. In the most awkward performance, Jaclyn forgets the words within seconds, and they don’t remember very many more lines after that. They end up dry humping on stage and she gives Ed a lap dance. Everybody looked very awkward for them, so I guess they won’t be getting the roses. Sarah and Chris are last, and they seem to have a good chance of winning. They’re very high energy and having a lot of fun. Sarah is a bit crazy in her dance movements, Chris strips off his shirt, they’re just a fun hot mess. The judges seem to like Rachel and Nick’s, hate Jaclyn and Ed’s, and found Sarah and Chris’…entertaining? The winner of this competition was Rachel and Nick. For Nick’s first win, this was really big. They also get to decide who will join them in the finals.

Final Rose Ceremony:

This is a big rose ceremony. One team stays and one team goes. Jaclyn is all freaked out because if Rachel doesn’t take her then their friendship is ruined, and Chris is devastated that he doesn’t have any power. Nick and Rachel begin thinking about the strategy. Nick wants to take Chris and Sarah to win, while Rachel wants to take her friends Ed and Jaclyn. While Nick says that Rachel won’t lose Jaclyn as a friend if Rachel sends her home, Jaclyn says otherwise. Rachel ends up agreeing with Nick and Ed and Jaclyn go home. Chris is the go to guy for comforting the women. I don’t know why, but since his drama ended I’ve really taken a liking to him again.

Couples In The Final:

  1. Rachel and Nick
  2. Sarah and Chris

Final Thoughts:

Jaclyn does nothing but swear about Rachel when in the limo home. Everybody seems so incredibly spiteful and silly during this game. She’s dead to you because you can’t win the money that you don’t need? Get over it.

In the preview for next episode Rachel is wandering around backstage yelling and crying and being overly dramatic, Michael Stagliano and Rachel have a confrontation, and something shocks everybody. And, of course, somebody wins the $250,000.

What do you think of the couples moving into the final? Who do you want to win?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap/Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap/Review

Last week, Chris desperately tried to eliminate his partner Blakeley as he found a new girl, Sarah, to partner and hook up with but instead his other hookup partner Jamie left.

Throughout the season my favourites have been Kalon and Michael, and that didn’t change through the last episode. With Chris having switched partners from Blakeley to Sarah, and Tony’s partner Jamie being chucked, they came together to be quite the force. Not only did we see a force on the challenge side, but we also saw it on their date in the romance side.Throughout the season, Michael and Kalon have been my favourites and this did not change last week. This was also the first week that we saw Tony as a featured player in this game. The only man left who we still haven’t seen much from is Nick. Although he was on a 3on1 date he hasn’t had any romances or strategic moments, leaving a lot to be desired from him.

The Competition:

This week’s challenge was “The Great Fall of China.” The women compete against each other (and men against each other) walking back and forth with a tray, adding a cup and saucer each time until they make it with six of each. Every time the cups and saucers fall they must restart their laps, making the lead change quickly. Along with trying to not let the dishes fall, one also isn’t allowed to touch the dishes while going through the path. The three front runners in this race were Sarah, Lindzi, and Blakeley. When this challenge was initially brought up Blakeley was definitely the most excited because she used to be a waitress at Hooters. Although Sarah was the first to finish with 6 cups and saucers, in the last few seconds she touched the dishes to steady them, leaving her eliminated. In the end, Blakeley did win the challenge as expected. This left Chris incredibly displeased as he would be unable to vote off Blakeley as he had hoped. But then when it was the men’s turn to do the challenge he was unable to win the rose for himself, letting it go to Blakeley’s teammate, Tony. Leaving everybody else thoroughly annoyed, Blakeley helped Tony along throughout the challenge, never more than a few steps away and always with supportive words and encouragement. Personally, I liked this team. Blakeley was the only person that supported her teammate, and we never heard bad comments. If Tony thinks he can put up with her ‘nagging’ then more power to him.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Because partners Blakeley and Tony won the date, Chris Harrison comes in and asks if Blakeley would take him on her date which she agrees to. She is then made to give her rose somebody else, allowing them a date as well. Giving her safety rose to the man who had yet to be on a date, Kalon is now able to take is wonderful woman on the date of their lives. With the option of a normal or an overnight date, Blakeley elects to go on the second one with Tony, giving Kalon the opportunity for the normal (non-sleepover) date.

Kalon’s date card shows up and with it two boxes. Kalon’s obvious choice of Lindzi for the date brings with it beautiful jewelry and a Bentley to drive around in. Blakeley is jealous of the finery, but looks forward to her date even more. They follow their GPS directions across LA to a closed bridge where they find a dinner set up for them overlooking the LA skyline. I have been incredibly excited for the glimpses of Kalon that we have been seeing in the past few episodes, but this was the best yet. Seeing Kalon proclaim that he “might be kind of maybe falling in love” with Lindzi was so amazing. Although we never saw her response, we did see a massive smile form on her face as he was making his proclamation. I really do hope he is happy with her (as when I googled images of their date I discovered they seem to still be dating about a month later).

Blakeley chose the overnight date, imagining planes and trips ands cruises and other lavish date ideas while her and Tony actually get a Jeep, a trailer, and blankets under the stars. Although initially shocked by the difference from the Kalon/Lindzi date, they make the most of it. The fact that their date was so relaxed and normal meant the chemistry they exhibited had a better chance of being real and progressing post-BP. The cutest moment was when Tony turned the radio on in the Jeep and they danced around it until they started kissing. Upon getting home, Chris B seemed really frustrated with Tony for being enchanted by Blakeley, but I don’t see the problem with anybody but Chris in this scenario. Maybe if he kept his word he wouldn’t be in this mess…? When they get back from the date and Tony is about to hand out his safety rose to one of the women in the house Blakeley momentarily gets concerned that Tony won’t follow through on what they discussed, but he does end up giving it to Jaclyn instead of Sarah like Chris insisted.

Michael isn’t stopped by not winning the challenge, and he pulls Rachel away for a little one on one time together. His guitar is there, and they just end up cuddling and chatting about how they’re falling for each other. Another cute moment with them that I would hope to see more of…

Chris Harrison comes in on the night of the rose ceremony to shake up the voting. This week, everybody votes for a woman to go home, and then immediately after not receiving a rose, she chooses a man to be sent home with her. Suddenly everybody is fretting about going home. Before this switch, Chris was terrified about going home but afterward he thinks he is safe until he starts getting worried again. He is such an emotional wreck on this show, I can’t handle him anymore.

With Chris wanting to vote out Lindzi but being unable to because she’ll send him home, he sets his sights on anybody else. Michael starts thinking about how his alliance can’t send Sarah home as she will bring Michael down with her, so he sets his sights on Erica Rose. The plan was to spread word that Chris was trying to send ER home, so she would bring Chris with her, but after lots of angry discussions and one genius play, it all falls apart. In a stroke of genius, Chris brought Erica Rose into the deliberation room to directly show her that he wasn’t voting against her. Although his vote for Lindzi meant that it might hurt him if Lindzi were to be voted out, it helped him when ER had more votes against her.

Men Staying:

  1. Tony
  2. Kalon
  3. Ed
  4. Nick
  5. Chris

Women Staying:

  1. Blakeley
  2. Jaclyn
  3. Sarah
  4. Rachel
  5. Lindzi

Final Thoughts:

I am very sad to see Michael go. He was one of two favourites, and now I only have Kalon to support. My favourite relationships were the Kalon/Lindzi relationship along with the Michael/Rachel one. I really hope that Michael and Rachel reconnected after the show ended because they did seem to be hitting it off rather well, and I’d like him to find someone good after all the drama from the previous season with Holly and Blake. Erica Rose acted so horribly at the end when sending Michael home. I enjoyed some of the strategy that went into the vote, but the way it turned out at the end left a bitter taste in my mouth – and not just because of who left, but how.

What did you think of this new voting system for the episode? Did you like the dates? Let me know below?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 5 Recap/Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap/Review

Last week, Reid’s plan to eliminate Ed backfired into sending him and Donna home while Rachel went for love rather than strategy when giving away her safety rose.

Michael and Kalon remained as my favourites, with Ed and Rachel moving up in esteem.

The Competition:

Surprising everybody, Chris comes in with information for their next challenge. They all have surveys to fill out that relate “somehow”. Is it really difficult to see where this is going? We get Kalon’s view of what this is: who’s the dumbest, who’s the fattest, who’s the ugliest, and the list goes on… Making every answer either him or Erica Rose. So basically his favourite activity ever — picking apart other people and making himself look better.

This week’s competition is in the form of a gameshow. The first round is love/romance trivia and the second is titled ‘who said that’. The girl and guy with the best scores get roses and dates, while the losers get an extra vote against them at the rose ceremony.

The ladies are up first, with Sarah expecting to win. Upon getting to questions about the Bachelor World (which suitor on Gillian’s season had a foot fetish? answer: Tanner) Sarah took off getting many answers right and gaining a fan base out of Chris. Does he try to piss of Blakeley or does that come naturally?

They tried to pick out some of the fun quotes, so here goes… Can you guess who said which? 1) When asked who had accomplished most in their life, they said Me, I’m amazing.” 2) Other than to win the money, “Ed is on the show because he doesn’t want to be forgotten, as his season was twenty years ago” 3) When asked who had accomplished least in their life, they said “Blakeley” 4) The person in the house who would make the worst parent is “Erica, because she eats her hair” 5) When first seeing the girls in their rhythmic gymnastic outfits, he thought “sexy thoughts” (Answers: Ed, Chris, Nick, Kalon, and Dave). Whenever the quote was bad at least one girl expected it was Kalon, but admittedly I thought he said the first one. Jaclyn got the rose and date for the girls.

Next, it was the mens turn. Michael and Ed are in the running for first place during the love/romance questions, but Ed pulled ahead in the second round. Can you guess who said what? 1) The number of men this woman slept with is“11, wait 12, no 9″ 2) The most scandalous place this woman has ever had sex is “on top of a car in a public parking lot” 3) This girl would rather “sleep with Chris than their current partner because ‘he is so hot’” 4) This girl said “Jaclyn is the most fake because she lies and manipulates constantly” 5) Another girl said “Jamie is the most annoying in the house because she hangs over ever guy and spins in circles for no reason” (Blakeley, Sarah, Jamie, Jamie, and Blakeley).

This week is the start of 1on1 dates instead of the 3on1′s because producers want us to actually be intrigued in the dates.

The Romantic Dates / In-House Drama:

Jamie already regrets her comments about Jaclyn immediately going to Michael and Kalon for help. Kalon-watch has already started for this episode, but the winning quote so far is “I’d much rather be the guy to soothe her soul for five more minutes before she’s f*cking executed. I mean, when you put a dog down you pet it’s head right?” Such a great guy, so sweet.

Sarah schemes about having Ed all for herself while Jaclyn gets her date card and ends up choosing Ed for herself instead. Can Sarah please stop obsessing about Ed? He hasn’t even said that he likes Sarah! It was a very cute date even though I dislike Jaclyn. They both seemed to have a good time and they acted really goofy around each other so it seemed natural. When they get to the picnic, there is a rose waiting for them. As Jaclyn took Ed on the date and he also had a rose she gets to give it to another man in the house who will get his own date. At first, Jaclyn wanted to give the rose to Kalon because he’s starting something up with Lindzi. Let me tell you, that would be one of my favourite dates of the season. Unfortunately, Ed wanted to give the rose to Chris instead, so we will get to see a date with him later.

Once Chris has the rose he shocks everybody by choosing Sarah instead of Blakeley (partner) or Jamie (last nights hookup partner). Their date begins with them being driven around and told to buckle their seat belts before they start making their own action movie. They end in a hotel and decide to stay the night. I didn’t realize you were allowed to skip out on the house and stay later. I’m really excited to see his decisions to blow up in his face at the rose ceremony. The parallels the editors of the show create are juxtaposed so well. Jamie excited for Chris to come home cut to Chris and Sarah making out in the pool. Jamie wishing they don’t have too much fun, cut to Chris and Sarah getting a hotel room. I wonder if Ed is still pleased he helped give the rose to Chris instead of Kalon. He doesn’t look pleased. But nor does Kalon, who looks so angry he could murder someone, or is that his normal face? Yeah, everybody else looks angry so I assume he actually is angry as well.

Because Chris didn’t win the challenge, Chris Harrison walks in to give Ed a rose to hand out to save one girl from elimination. Instead of choosing between Blakeley and Jamie, he hands over the rose to Rachel who would have been safe anyway because she is with Michael. At least he isn’t choosing sides and is keeping with his alliance.

Men Staying:

  1. Ed
  2. Chris
  3. Kalon
  4. Michael
  5. Tony
  6. Nick

Women Staying:

  1. Jocelyn
  2. Rachel
  3. Sarah
  4. Lindzi
  5. Erica Rose
  6. Blakeley

Final Thoughts:

This episode was amazing with all of Kalon’s quips and commentary, and did you see his shirt during the game? He looked so cute. The Kalon-love has come to such a high point in this episode. More amazing lines of his:”this place would be so boring without us, thank god for us” and ”yes, let’s diminish our numbers.” Am I the only one that finds his vernacular incredibly entertaining to listen to? He seems to be getting noticed more this week and becoming a frontrunner, good for him. I really hope his relationship with Lindzi works out, because he actually talks about her in a good way and I haven’t heard any disrespectful remarks about or towards her. The biggest smile I have ever seen on that girls face when Kalon’s name was called for a rose though…

In the previews for next week it seems as though Kalon/Lindzi and Rachel/Michael have 1on1 dates and both have some proclamations of their love. I’m so excited to see some real Kalon-love as the Kalon and Lindzi romance has been incredibly hush-hush. The Michael and Rachel romance has also been kept under wraps. I guess both of those couples just aren’t as dramatic as Chris’ pairings or Ed and Jaclyn.

Until next time, what did you think of the episode?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap/Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap/Review

Last weeks episode of Bachelor Pad welcomed us to the world of drama, hookups, poolside living, and nonstop drinking. With couples already forming and many more yet to come, this episode looks to have more drama and tears than the last.

Every episode I have different favorite and hated players. Last week my favorites were Michael and Kalon, and I also liked Chris, Reid, and Paige (who went home) while I disliked the twins Brittany and Erica, and Ed and I was beginning to dislike Blakeley. I was unsure how I felt about Erica Rose because she is aggravating but also kind of entertaining with her honesty and catty-ness. I guess we shall see in the next few episodes. Normally my favorites are the guys that create the most drama or are terribly sweet.

Initial Thoughts:

They all walk in rather happy from last weeks rose ceremony. Emily Rose almost went home so of course she would be happy, but the woman who was sent home instead, Paige, leaves Reid displeased and Kalon pissed off because he hates ER.

The twins are still the most obnoxious people in the house. As Blakeley says, it’s like Jerry Springer. I don’t know if it’s the yelling or the way they speak. I need them to wear name tags so I can figure out which is which.

The Competition:

As the Olympics are upon us, this weeks challenge was centered around rhythmic gymnastics. After hearing this, you can imagine how the men reacted to such an activity. The best man and woman will get roses and dates while the worst man and woman get a vote against them for the coming rose ceremony. will They perform as groups of men or women and they have two hours to learn their choreography. It’s hilarious to watch everybody practice for their routines as almost everybody is AWFUL.

I still love Michael’s commentary about what goes on. We all knew the men were bad at the challenge, but he goes on to tell us that Ed and Reid are the worst: they clunk around like it’s walking, but a step below that. Then we see the women and they’re not any better. Donna, Jamie, and Blakeley are all the best but everybody else look like disasters waiting to happen. Of course, as Michael is saying that all the men are awful he is also picking up the routine quite easily.

As everybody goes inside to prepare for their performances they are faced with tight outfits full of Spandex. Isn’t it fun to be a gymnast? The girls are horrified by the outfits they have to wear, but then realize that if what they have is any indication, the guys will be quite interesting to watch as well. The men don’t even know how to put on the leotards. Former Bachelorette Ashley and her fiancé JP are two of the judges for this competition with a former Olympian. While watching the women perform Kalon makes his first awful remark of the episode (season?) and I’m so pleased. Yes, for the rest of the season there will be a Kalon-watch for amazing quotes such as “Shopping and gymnastics, what the f*ck else do you have to do with your life?” I don’t even have the thought to be offended by the things that he says, because I just love his nastiness in this show. Michael relates the girls to a preschool dance recital with ribbons, lowered down a level. Chris Harrison can’t even say good job to the girls. But then it’s the men’s performance next and they are amazing. Michael seems to be leading them with a count so they all stay in time and then reminders of what they’re doing next with cute pet names for the moves, and it was just incredible.

Erica Rose and Ed are the losers of the challenge, each with one vote against them going into the rose ceremony while Blakeley and Michael won the roses and dates.

The Romantic Date / Drama in the House:

Chris had been planning who he wanted to bring on a date if he won the challenge: Donna, to spice things up, Jamie, and Lindzi, but then once Blakeley won the rose and he didn’t he immediately decides that he’ll stay with Blakeley to stay in for longer. Such a conniving player, and I can’t say I dislike him for it. All the drama is so much more entertaining. Erica Rose goes off trying to find Michael asking him to take her on the date so he can save her which he says he knew he would have to do immediately once he got the rose. Both Michael and ER are veterans of this show, and although he thought strategically last season this time it is all for the “love connection.” Does this mean he isn’t bringing ER? That would probably make everybody quite happy. He takes Rachel, Lindzi, and Donna on the date to rock the night away leaving ER very angry.

Donna’s crush on Michael is so cute but when they’re dancing he doesn’t look into her like he used to look into Holly. Especially after we get comments on his dance with Rachel (romantic), it doesn’t look like Donna would be getting the safety rose. They’re dancing and being really playful and goofy which definitely shows that their being themselves around each other. Throw in the fact that she pulls him in for a kiss, and it’s no wonder she got the rose. While having his one on one time with Donna she shows him the drawing that she made of him, which could be really weird and awkward and embarrassing… But it wasn’t. He knows that she’s liked him forever so he tries to “fulfill a fantasy for her” by kissing her and then not giving her the rose. I feel like it might be worse that he kissed her and lead her on a bit without giving her the rose.

Back in the house, it’s Jamie’s birthday and her partner Ryan is going all out. He is so cute, he baked her a cake and put roses on her pillow with balloons and everything. It’s unfortunate because Ryan wants more than friendship from her while Jamie wants to hook up with Chris. Oh the drama once she finds out that Chris is staying partnered with Blakeley. In his journal Chris says that it isn’t normally one to sweet-talk a girl when he doesn’t mean it, but he is this time to stay in the game. Clearly he isn’t into Jamie or Blakeley, but he’s doing what “he has to” to win, I’m sure that won’t play out like he expects. Jamie is still confident in what she has with Chris… until she comes into her room that night and discovers Chris in Blakeley’s bed (the bunk under hers). Chris was so sure that he would be able to wrap Jamie around his finger, looks like that isn’t the case now. I’m glad that all alliances are based around the bedroom because that isn’t a stupid way to make your strategy.

As Blakeley won the challenge, she got a group date with three men. Chris automatically assumed that he was going on the date and he desperately tried to convince her not to bring Dave, one of the fans, on the date with her but she ended up choosing him and Ed as well as Chris, angering her partner to no end. The four of them go on a date soapbox racing. As they’re decorating their cars Ed is having a really fun time making his creative and I love that he’s just having a fun time. He also doesn’t seem to have any problem with Dave while Chris positively hates him. Ed ends up winning the derby and it was so cute. He is so relaxed and doesn’t care about anything so it’s just funny that he won. After Dave makes a play to give her all of his votes, she still gives the rose to Chris.

Once they get back from their date everybody is getting a little frisky. Two girls are making out, Lindzi and another girl are in bed with Kalon, Rachel and Michael, and Dave and a twin, and then Ed being crazy once again. Ed and Sarah hook up and he is being crazy and calling unneeded attention to them. I still think that Lindzi and Kalon are so cute right now, they’re just cuddled up under a blanket together with his arm around her. They slept in the same bed that night and it’s still just so cute.

With more twin drama, I just can’t handle them. I’m so happy when we don’t see them so hopefully they’ll leave tonight. One of them is complaining because she is being called a slut and the other one is crying because of something else. Everybody in the house is so angry because they’re being loud as everyone is trying to sleep. If I’m frustrated with hearing it then I can’t even imagine how the girls are feeling. As all the women sleep in one room and the men sleep in another room I would just go find a guy to cuddle up beside so I wouldn’t have to see it. Instead of saying Bachelor Pad it sounds like she’s saying Bazzr Pad. Really?

As Erica T and Brittany are fighting Erica (I think) decides that it’s better to just leave and listen to the sister because their fighting will never end otherwise. As she walks past Kalon and Lindzi’s bed to say goodbye to Dave, Kalon says bye to the girl. After she leaves Lindzi asks him which girl it was and he doesn’t even know. At least we won’t have to deal with them anymore. Does this mean that they won’t be sending any girl home this week? That would definitely save ER. Dave is devastated that they left because of strategy and him being the only fan. Do we all forget that Donna is a fan too?

Men Staying:

  1. Michael
  2. Chris
  3. Kalon
  4. Reid
  5. Nick
  6. Tony
  7. David
  8. Ed

Women Staying:

  1. Blakeley
  2. Rachel
  3. Jamie
  4. Lindzi
  5. Jocelyn
  6. Sarah
  7. Erica Rose
  8. Donna

More Comments:

Have the producers decided that adding fans into the mix was a bad idea yet? Clearly they’re all being voted off at the beginning and people dislike him and it’s really ridiculous. Please never do that again?

What did you think of the episode?

‘Bachelor Pad’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap/Review