Random Netflix Movie Night: (Lonely Island) Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special


Michael Bolton is really doubling down on the Lonely Island comedy, starring in a Netflix Original special for Valentine’s day. It has all your favourite SNL cast members, comedy actors and that wonderful, sultry voice we all know and love.
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Are people over Jimmy Fallon?


Jimmy Fallon is an odd one. For a while, everyone LOVED him! He brought the Tonight Show back to New York, which was apparently a big deal. He was the loveable SNL guy from a very successful group, made all the celebrities very comfortable on his Late Night, and transferred to the Tonight Show with a lot of fanfare. And then something changed, but what was it?

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Top Five: Canadian Movies for Canada Day


Not sure what to do for Canada Day? Why not celebrate with a great Canadian movie!

  1. Bon Cop, Bad Cop. In the rush of action movies in the 2000s with bad ass cops, this Canadian entry was a shining star. Two detectives, one from Ontario and the other Quebec, are forced to work together and put up with their differing investigative styles to solve a murder found on their borders. It’s funny, full of action, and holds together pretty well for the genre it’s in.
  2. One Week. Joshua Jackson is a man on a journey, from Toronto to Tofino, after discovering he has stage 4 cancer. It’s a quest to discover what’s truly important in life, but also a beautiful exploration of Canada and all it’s wonderful quicks. Plus, there’s a great soundtrack that follows his roadtrip.
  3. Juno. A classic in the teen universe when it came out, this was another quotable high school movie. Following a teenager with an unexpected pregnancy, and the ups and downs she goes through while deciding what to do with the child. It’s sweet, and filmed in Vancouver (although set as Minnesota).
  4. Wayne’s World. Although technically an American movie, Canadian Mike Myers created the characters on SNL from his experiences growing up in Ontario. It’s dated by the cultural references, but all over an enjoyable farce filled with banter between the two leads.
  5. Goon. Probably not very well known, but this movie has a lot of heart. Seann William Scott plays a bouncer turned semi-pro hockey player tasked with intimidating the other teams. He can’t play hockey – or even skate – and a lot of people are out to get him, but with a team of misfits this becomes a very endearing films.