VTSL welcomes audiences back to school in raucous Back to School TheatreSports

On now, Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Back to School TheatreSports, the new feature show for September. This series lampoons classroom cliches and creates teams from the cliques you loved and hated. For this show, we had the jocks (Bill Pozzobon, Chris Casillan, Ellen Kennedy) and nerds (Rae Lynn Carson, Denise Jones, and Scott Patey) with a Band Teacher (John Voth) leading our way through.

Enjoy some killer comedy at Murder on the Improv Express

Murder on the Improv Express takes inspiration from Agatha Christie’s classic 1934 novel—and the recent film adaptation from Kenneth Branagh. A group of wealthy and strange individuals are stuck on a train together (here, going from coast-to-Canadian-coast) when Hercule Poirot’s vacation is ended as someone is suddenly murdered.