Writers Wanted


Have you always had a fondness for TV, movies, music, or books? Then why not write for TRW! We’re always looking for new writers to sign on for TV show recaps, music features, and movie and book reviews. It’s super easy, fun, and great writing experience.

TV shows:
You only do the shows your interested in, but you need to be able to do a recap/review of each new episode before the next episode’s air date. There are lots of new shows starting up in fall for the 2014/15 season, so check below for all of them.

This can be as big or small of a job as you want. Whenever you see a film in theatre you can put up a review about it! We prefer films that are still in theatre so they’re newer, but if you’re doing a feature or special article it doesn’t need to be about current films. We’re open to all kinds of films, and sometimes we’ll have free passes for a reviewer in select areas.

We’re trying to get a monthly music feature started which means we need people to find local artists, review albums and interview the artists. If they are smaller or more independent artists, we’re always happy to try getting you into the concert for a concert review/photo gallery as well!

To start, email thereviewsweekly@gmail.com with the positions you’re interested in. We’ll get back to you right away!